Does Septoplasty change the appearance of Nose.

A beautiful and contoured nose figure can make you look attractive but also a spoiled one can affect your overall appearance in an unpleasant way. However, it isn’t certain that everyone undergoes the nasal surgeries for cosmetic purposes. Injuries or birth defects can also be a cause for such treatments. This article clears the doubts and myths regarding Septoplasty as everyone is interested in knowing that does Septoplasty modifies nose appearance? However, it’s the popular nasal surgery aims to correct a deviated septum. Let’s further read the depth of this article to explore details about the alteration of nose shape and size.

What is Septoplasty?

Septoplasty surgery targets to correct the departed septum by restructuring the cartilage. Sometimes bent portions are also removed with the purpose of flattening the septum. The ones who suffer from septum difficulties can undergo this procedure as it’s the safest technique anyone can acquire. Rhinoplasty in Dubai


Does Septoplasty change the appearance of the Nose?

Septoplasty surgery is specifically focused on medical purposes rather than cosmetic as it’s dedicated to altering the septum to bring improved breathing. Victims of ruptured nasal septum experience Septoplasty and with curiosity about nose appearance as they want to know that this surgical practice will affect their outer nose appearance or not.

Usually, Septoplasty isn’t intended to modify the nose appearance as inner incisions are involved so surgeons leave the outer area of the nose untouched. However in some cases yes, it can affect the outer look of the nose because the septum is directly linked with the nose figure as well its extent, altitude, and central positioning. When the deviated septum becomes stable into its natural situation the nose contour also changes and appears more balanced. For the ones who want cosmetic and medical alteration through the only a single procedure can go through Septorhinoplasty that is the combination of both the procedures aims to repair the nasal hitches with modification of nose profile and size in consideration of aesthetic goals.


Most of the time Septoplasty doesn’t alter the appearance so in case someone finds their nose shape unsatisfactory, they might be needing to get Rhinoplasty which progresses the outer side of the beak to make you look more attractive with balanced features. The most important statistic about these surgeries is that not everyone can undergo these procedures due to different health conditions. Consultation to the doctor must be completed to determine whether he’s applicable for it not.


A person cannot notice the corrected septum or altered appearance of the nose right after the surgery. It would take some time to show complete upshots. But still, breathing feasibility will be improved once the swelling is disappeared as this surgery is aimed for medical purposes. However complete recovery process of this technique would take a maximum of three weeks but it’s not mandatory. Every person has different health conditions so it’s difficult to conclude a specific period. Doctors usually advise attending post sessions with following aftercare instructions for a few months.

Why it’s necessary to treat Deviated Septum? How it’s treated?

A deviated septum can be caused due to some injury or birth defect which requires immediate treatment as a person cannot breathe properly. However it’s not only linked to inhalation concerns, stuffy nose results in bacterial infections that cause painful irritation. The majority lost their sense of smell due to a ruptured septum which is the highest unacceptable condition demands surgical practice.


ENT specialists perform this surgery under local or general anesthesia by putting the instruments into the nostrils so there is no need to make outer incisions. A deviated septum is treated by making it straighten however in some cases septum is removed and altered to place it in the right position. Therefore, to provide support to the treated septum surgeons usually use silicon splints and once it’s done, nasal packing is put into the nose for the complete absorption of blood or other fluids. Thus, while attending the first follow-up session outer and inner dressings are removed safely.


Possible risks and side effects

It’s better to be aware of the hitches of this surgery however before undergoing you can also ask from your doctor about the possible side effects. But an inexperienced practitioner can also lead you to difficulties so must ensure the expertise and qualification of the surgeon before you decide anything. Please have a look at some common complexities of Septoplasty!

  1. Infection
  2. Bleeding
  3. Mild pain
  4. Swelling


Wrapping up!

Septoplasty is the correction of the deviated septum which also results in a more symmetrical and improved appearance of the nose however it’s dependent upon the skill and expertise of the surgeon, how septum is treated. The understood fact about this concern is that a deviated septum can make your nose appearance ruptured so a corrected septum can alter it too! Thus, if you’re a sufferer of this concern, must acquire this surgery and get lifetime comfort!

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