NEET UG Result 2024: Grace Marks for 1,563 Candidates Cancelled; Re-Exam Offered, Says Centre to Supreme Court

In a significant development regarding the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Undergraduate (NEET UG) 2024, the Centre has informed the Supreme Court that grace marks awarded to 1,563 candidates have been cancelled.

These candidates will now have the opportunity to retake the exam. This decision has sparked discussions across the educational sector and among the affected students, highlighting the complexities and challenges of administering such a crucial national examination.

Background of NEET UG

NEET UG is a highly competitive examination conducted annually for admission to undergraduate medical and dental courses in India.

The exam is known for its rigorous standards and high stakes, with lakhs of students appearing each year to secure seats in prestigious institutions.

The integrity and fairness of the exam process are paramount, as it determines the future of aspiring medical professionals across the country.

The Issue of Grace Marks

The controversy began when it was discovered that 1,563 candidates had been awarded grace marks due to discrepancies in the exam process.

Grace marks are typically given to compensate for errors in question papers, technical issues, or other factors beyond the control of the candidates.

However, in this case, the decision to award grace marks was questioned, leading to a re-evaluation of the process.

Centre’s Statement to the Supreme Court: The Centre informed the Supreme Court that after a thorough review, it was decided to cancel the grace marks given to these candidates.

The primary reason cited was to maintain the integrity and fairness of the examination process.

The Centre emphasized that all candidates should have an equal opportunity and that any discrepancies needed to be addressed to ensure a level playing field.

Re-Exam Opportunity

To address the concerns of the affected candidates, the Centre has offered a re-examination.

This move aims to provide these students with a fair chance to compete without the undue advantage or disadvantage caused by the previously awarded grace marks.

Details of the Re-Exam:

  • Eligibility: The re-exam will be specifically for the 1,563 candidates whose grace marks were cancelled.
  • Exam Date: The Centre has proposed a specific date for the re-exam, which will be communicated to the candidates in due course.
  • Preparation Time: Adequate preparation time will be given to the candidates to ensure they can prepare effectively for the re-exam.

Reactions and Implications

Candidates’ Perspective: The decision to cancel the grace marks and offer a re-exam has elicited mixed reactions from the affected candidates. While some appreciate the opportunity to retake the exam under fair conditions, others feel stressed about the additional pressure and the need to prepare once again.

Educational Experts’ View: Experts in the education sector have largely supported the Centre’s decision, highlighting the importance of maintaining the credibility of the NEET UG examination. They argue that fairness and transparency are crucial for the legitimacy of any competitive exam, especially one as significant as NEET UG.

Legal and Administrative Considerations: The Supreme Court’s involvement underscores the legal complexities surrounding the issue. The court’s oversight ensures that the process remains transparent and that the rights of the candidates are protected.

Moving Forward

The re-exam initiative by the Centre is a crucial step in addressing the concerns surrounding the NEET UG 2024 results. For the affected candidates, it represents a second chance to prove their merit and secure their future in the medical field. The authorities are expected to ensure that the re-exam is conducted smoothly, with clear communication and support for the candidates.

Support Systems: Educational institutions, coaching centers, and mentors are likely to play a significant role in helping students prepare for the re-exam. Counseling and guidance services may also be provided to help manage the stress and anxiety associated with the re-exam.

Future Precautions: To prevent similar issues in the future, the authorities may implement more stringent checks and balances in the examination process. This could include better question paper vetting, improved technical infrastructure, and enhanced training for exam invigilators.


The cancellation of grace marks for 1,563 NEET UG 2024 candidates and the subsequent offer of a re-exam is a testament to the commitment of the authorities to uphold the principles of fairness and integrity in one of India’s most crucial entrance examinations.

As the affected candidates prepare for their second chance, the educational community remains focused on supporting them through this challenging period. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of robust examination processes and the need for continuous improvement to ensure equitable opportunities for all aspiring students.

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