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Health Benefits of Water : Global Amrit

Water as we all know is one of the most super liquid on earth but many doesn’t know the real benefits of Drinking Water. Lets discuss some of the benefits and the time to consume water and in what forms one should consume it.

Benefits of Water:

  • Drink water 15 minutes before a meal to make sure all the vitamins in the meal is absorbed and one doesn’t even overeat.
  • Drink water before sleeping to avoid a Hearth Attack during your sleep.
  • Drink a glass of water during a Hickup to avoid any damage to your internal digestive system.
  • Drink a glass of water when you feel acidic to avoid burning sensation in your stomach and throat.
  • In case you feel that there is a sudden increase in your acnes, start intaking Water every hour, in 10 days time there will be reduced acne outbreaks.

  • In case you get a cut and do not have any antiseptic liquid, you can wash your wound with clean drinking water.
  • In case your skin is getting too dry even when you apply moisturizer, increase your water intake and see the difference.
  • In case you have ingrowth, and the hairs doesn’t come out after waxing or even after using razer, start consuming half a liter water extra for 30 days and see the difference yourself.

We do not claim that all disease can be eradicated however, the impact can be reduced with regular water intake.

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