India’s GEN Z’S No Hope Mindset About Their Future

India’s known for its world largest Gen z adolescent and youth population as the “world’s future”. Researches show that every 5th young person belong to India out of the total youth in the world. But these people are stuck in a struggling economy and are graduating in an unusual way which might have drawbacks in their careers, job opportunities, not able to cope up or live their best years of life.

Pandemic has brought stress, struggles, facing depression, burden, anger, sadness, from the unfortunate deaths and personal damages caused by the second wave.

Young People Are Scared and Devasted With What They Are Witnessing

“They’ve never witnessed this level of death before” says Seema Hingorrany, psychologist and trauma-expert.

“The previous lockdown was irritating for people due to financial distress or moving back home with the family and feeling confined in the house. But this time, the complete breakdown of the healthcare system has made people feel more hopeless. People are angry at God or at the government. Seeing this level of death and distress contributes to trauma in the body and mind. Months later, we will see more PSTD symptoms rise.”

GEN-Z ‘S Insights About This

“I feel like my lifespan has greatly shortened, without aging.”

“The COVID fatigue has made me lose the will to live awhile also being afraid of dying from COVID.”

“I didn’t take much precautions. I was careless cause I had a thought that this phase will also pass just like the first wave. I regret not being cautious and following the precautions and wish I was prepared. As soon as I got tested positive for corona my life became miserable as I suffered with low BP and felt like I was fighting for my life”

“Online class is stressful. Most of us don’t learn much or have the motivation to do so. Mental health is all time low for me. Mostly because we base our self-worth on our social interactions or networking”

“Second wave is lethal, and since we’ve crossed the corona road during the first wave itself, I took the best of safety measures to stay safe, but it was depressing and disgusting to see people being lethargic by not wearing masks or wearing it in the wrong way.”

“It just hit me hard one day while I was attending my online class on how will the economy be after 10 years if every student is not focused or passionate about what they are studying? And even if we apply for jobs or search for opportunities, we will be called out as the ‘Corona Batch’.”

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