Papa! Always a Blessing!

Its not Father’s Day today but I take this opportunity to Thank My father and all the fathers in the world as many a times we know that we just don’t appreciate them enough. Fathers are the one who actually don’t ask for much but want us to live happily and peacefully.

Never have I heard that a father has thought bad for their child. Never have we heard that a father has eaten before their child has eaten. Never have we heard that a Father has thought more for themselves and not about their child. They may not carry the pain physically to bring us to the world but they are definitely sharing the responsibility once we are in this world. They play a major part in upbringing us and never do we say thanks to them.

Mother and Father Equally Important

Both the parents are equally important and both of them play a major role in our life. They sacrifice a lot of things in their own way for us and as a child it is our responsibility to acknowledge and appreciate them and also make sure that they are taken care of.

Its been heard that many a times that a single mother is taking care of her child due to some unavoidable circumstances and yes I feel it is equally difficult for a single father to do that too. But never heard anyone talking about it. I guess it is because some feelings are just kept to themselves as a father.

Some Beautiful Memories

I remember some beautiful time spent with my father weather it was for my first badminton class or my first dance school, he was there equally as my mother and he was a great support every single day. My first competitive exam when I was too scared and stresses, he was there as a guiding factor and also calming me down the way it was exactly needed.

Its not about the luxury I have been provided however it is important that my father is the man I have always looked up to him. He is smart, talented, always keeps everyone together, respects all around hi, never looses his calm and is a friend to me not just a father which for me is really important.

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