Should Your E-commerce Website Have Chatbots?

From 24/7 customer service to recommendations, customers seek and use chatbots. They share high expectations from a chatbot. According to Fiverr, “Around 88% of customers interacted with chatbots. Moreover, 74% of businesses were satisfied deploying chatbots on their websites.”

Thus, a well-calibrated chatbot helps revise conversion rates and improve customer shopping experience. The blog lists the advantages of using chatbots on your e-commerce websites. Moreover, it helps you know whether it is the right choice for you or not.

What does an e-commerce chatbot imply?

E-commerce chatbots are computer-based programs that interact with website users in real-time. They assist visitors and customers by replying to their queries, recommending products, gathering feedback and tracking engagement. There are usually 3 types of e-commerce chatbot platforms, namely:

a)      AI-driven chatbots

It uses conversational AI support or natural language processing to answer a user’s query and suggestions. It mimics customer behavior and patterns.

b)      Rules-based chatbots

It offers answers to pre-defined questions that a user might have.

c)       Hybrid chatbots

It shares features of both AI-driven and rules-based chatbots.

You can integrate most chatbots with WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and even Google Business Messenger. It is also known as omni-channel marketing support. Whichever chatbot type you use, it helps you provide 24/7 support. It implies that you never miss a customer or a query.

If you want to know the best one for your e-commerce platform, test it. Yes, you will need to pay a fee to try the bot. Some providers may offer a free trial, but it entails a fee. If you lack one due to significant business investments, get no credit check loans in Ireland’s marketplace. You can get quick cash by using the facility. Use it sagaciously to try and pick the chatbot that fits your business needs the best.

5 Reasons to use chatbots for your e-commerce business website

Online shoppers generally look for quick answers to their queries. A chatbot may be beneficial in this regard. You never know the time the customer or a visitor may land on your site.  With the help of a chatbot, you can provide quick answers in comparison to emails and phone calls.  There are some more reasons to use chatbots for your e-commerce business website:

1)      Suggests products based on user profile

Every user creates a profile on an e-commerce website before browsing it. Chatbots help a user navigate through products personalized to their needs. It calibrates the information a user initially provides to begin the search.  Eventually, it helps the person scroll through the products that he needs and is searching for.

2)      Improves your return on ad or campaign

If you have launched a well-prepared ad on Facebook for your audience to see, chatbots may help you there. When a user lands on the respective page after clicking the link, he loses the path. He does not know what to do and how to do so. Thus, chatbot support may help the person navigate through the product he wants step-by-step. It reduces bounce rate and improves conversion chances.

You can send users from the ad campaign to Messenger by integrating the two. Here, the visitors first visit the messenger page rather than the landing page. It helps them sort queries and land on the main page.

Moreover, whenever a person uses a chatbot on Facebook, it gathers information about the person’s profile. Launching a personalized quiz can make the deal attractive for the person. Moreover, you can gather customer data. You can also use the information for re-targeting ads.

3)      Capitalize on abandoned carts to boost revenue

Individuals leaving the cart after a good browsing session are heart-breaking. Sometimes, an intended shopper adds a product to the cart and forgets about it later.

It is natural amid the busy lifestyles. However, a chatbot can help you get the customer back on the site. How?

It sends re-targeting messages like “Hey! You forgot to check your cart!” or “Would you like to move ahead with the product purchase?” He reminds the individual of the product that he added to the cart. He switches to the cart immediately and decides on the purchase.

Individuals may ignore emails or calls but not the text that pops up immediately on the screen. Popping up just before the prospect’s eyes is something that a business targets. You can win over the customer’s needs by personalizing the text message.

4)      A chatbot boosts retention and loyalty

You may have won that conversion, but the customer journey isn’t over yet! A helpful, memorable post-purchase experience from an online seller. It may help boost retention, brand reputation, and lifetime value (LTV). A chatbot helps provide this feasible experience.

One of the most essential post-purchase experiences is the shipping updates. It would be best if you could keep customers in the loop with the shipping thing. You can do this by setting up a chatbot. It has more open rates and engages with these messages.

5)      Upsell and cross-sell to buyer

Have you ever intended to buy jeans and walk out with a tee along with it? Yes, it is natural to pair up things, usually unintentionally. Thus, your customers think about the same thing. Chatbots can help you. Apart from suggesting the best products per the customer’s requirements, it also suggests complementary products.

It is better than what the customer had in mind at the time of purchase. Moreover, everything flows in a conversational tone. Thus, upselling is selling the product customers are looking for.

Cross-selling implies selling or suggesting products that complement the customer’s search.

Well, you can channel your Chatbots accordingly. Sometimes, for up-and-cross-selling, you need a chatbot expert. He may help you design and calibrate the chatbot according to the customer behaviour for upselling and cross-selling. Have sufficient capital to finance the expert. Facilities like short-term loans in Ireland’s marketplace may help if you need more cash. You can use it to get instant cash assistance and prepare a conversion-optimized chatbot.

Bottom line

Thus, an e-commerce platform may benefit from e-commerce chatbots. If you want to close sales quickly, provide personalized customer support 24/7 and provide relevant recommendations, a chatbot is a must. You can further decide the best one by analyzing the types and testing them. Chatbots make things easier for an e-commerce business. It optimizes the marketing process and helps you revise the revenue numbers.





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