Top 5 Headlines for Today the 25th May 2020

Keep yourself up to date with the latest news at the rover post. Here are the top 5 Headlines of today:

  1. India crosses 1,30,000 Corona cases today:

India has shown a tremendous increase in the number of Crona Virus positive cases in the past and it is still increasing day after day. A total of 6,767 cases have come positive in India today taking the total count to 1,39,000 and out of that 57,721 recovered with a total of 4021 deaths and out of which 147 deaths reported today.

  1. Balbir Singh, Hockey Legend passed away at 95:

Our famous former Hockey player  Balbir Singh was admitted to Fortis Hospital in Mohali from the last 2 weeks where he was getting treated for many health issues and being age a barrier, the medicines were not actually working on him. He was a Three timer Olympic Gold Medal Winner and loved his game very much. But God had different plans for him and he took his last breath on Monday Morning i.e. 25th May 2020.

  1. Hana Kimura-22, a Japanese reality star found dead at her house:

Hana Kimura was a popular, Pro-wrestler, who also appeared in the TV Reality show “Terrace House”. Her body was found in her house and she was only 22 years old.  As of now the cause of her death is unknown. She faced lots of Love and Haterade at the same time for her character in the Terrace House and was many times bullied on Social Media for the same. The show was recently discontinued due to Corona Virus Pandemic. On Friday she posted an image of hers with her Cat stating Good Bye and a Message saying, “I Love You, Live Long and Happy, I am Sorry”.

  1. China Reported 51 New Corona Virus Cases in Wuhan City:

China, also know as the home capital of Corona Virus had all the people recovered of the disease but recently there are 51 new cases reported in the country, and out of that 38 cases are from Wuhan City where the 1st case was ever found. These people are known for not having any symptoms of the Virus but were tested positive. There were 1.15 million tests carried out in Wuhan again. And the Country is being sanitized with Nucleic Acid Testing.

  1. Wife Killed Husband in Ludhiana as she was trying to rape the Step Daughter:

A Woman in Ludhiana City killed her husband as he was trying to rape her 15-year-old stepdaughter. She killed him with the help of her children. They use to stay at the name Mahavir Jain Colony. On Saturday Night,23rd May 2020, Raj Kishore ( 45) returned home drunk and started assaulting her stepdaughter, Geeta (wife) went to stop him but he even trashed her and continued his assault, wife then took a wire and surrounded his neck and killed him with the help of her kids and then reported the incident at Daresi Police station. He had done this earlier in 2018 as well and a case reported to the police but the mutual compromise was done between Raj and Geeta.

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