Top 5 News Headlines of 17th May 2020

Fastest News to be known is everyone’s wish but with our reading the old school Newspaper and not to forget that downloading app costs and takes our phone’s memory so keep that memory for something you like and stay updated with the News with The Rover Post. Here are the Top 5 Headlines of Today:

  1. Sachin Kumar passed away at the age of 42:

The Famous TV Actor from the serial “Kahani Ghar Ghar ki” expires at the age of 42 due to cardiac arrest on 15th May. The family revealed the news of his demise today. None of his friends also knew about his death until now and it is said that the actor went to sleep in the Night and never got up, his parents knocked the door and as he did not open then they snuck opened the door with the spare key and found that he was already gone. He used to stay with his parents in his Andheri House.

  1. Corona Case in India crosses the 90k bar on 17th May 2020:

As the country is going into the 4.0 Lockdown, and many people and businesses are celebrating the liberal rules of the lockdown 4.0, the no. of corona cases still keeps on rising day by day, and from yesterday it has got 3970 positive cases taking the total case count to 90,927. This is the 7th day with 3500+ cases on a daily basis. The recovery rate has increased to 34,109 with 2872 total deaths. In the past 24 hours, India experienced 103 deaths which is still much lesser than the other countries fighting with Corona Virus.

  1. No Shortage of Beds in Mumbai for Corona Cases:

There was a video viral recently where there were dead bodies on the adjacent beds where the patients were getting treated. Also, a patient name chaya Kanade, whose mother was having some swelling in the liver also said that she took her mother to two hospitals before she got admitted to civil-run sion Hospital where she was tested positive, she was made to sit in an emergency for 8 hours before admitting her. Not only her but many other patients and their families complained about it and were also gathered outside BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation and informed about their grievances. However, Iqbal Singh Chahal did not meet anyone but said that there is no shortage of the no. of beds in the city and they are also taking a place at MMRDA ground, Bandra. Handover of the Inventory is going on right now and 800 beds are expected there.

  1. E-commerce websites to resume the non-essentials in red zones during Lockdown 4.0.

The central government has allowed e-commerce websites to start the delivery of essential and non-essential items in all parts of the country except the contaminated places. Also, it is left on the state government to take the final decision. The state can restrict the working of e-commerce websites, especially in the Red Zones.

  1. Rickshaw and Cabs allowed in Lockdown 4.0:

As the Lockdown in the country is increased till May 31sy, The Government of India has decided Auto Rickshaw, Cabs, Taxis, and any other form of local public transport will be functional in every city. But here as well the state government can decide as per the condition of the state weather to start the local transport or not.

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