Top 8 Health Benefits of Halim Seeds

Halim seeds or commonly known as Garden Cress Seeds are an important health beneficial plant used in early times. Lepidium Sativum, the scientific name of Halim seeds which are tiny in size but helps in abundance ways to improve our health and nutritional conditions. Here is a list of health benefits of Halim seeds for your body.


What and how Halim seeds appear?

  • They give you a tangy taste and are micro in size and give out a bright red color.
  • Halim seeds consists of about 6.86 grams fat for 100 grams.
  • They contain calories which amount to 157 for 100 grams.
  • Used in different recipes like Salads, soups and smoothies as the contain an increasing fiber content which helps in improvement of muscles and builds up.
  1. Helps you to have a proper diet and plus eat tasty food

Halim seeds are well known commonly for weight loss. As they help in reducing the hunger hormone which makes you crave less for food that’s why its added in the weight loss diet as its fiber balances hunger and avoids the person from binge eating.

  1. Hypocholesterolemia action of Halim seeds

Halim seeds give good nourishment for people going through unbalanced cholesterol levels intake of Halim seeds gives you a definite guarantee in having a good and balanced cholesterol level.  They help in the other following ways;

  • As they ascertain in Diminishing the plasma cholesterol level
  • As they Diminish serum fatty substance level
  • Lower low-thickness lipoprotein (LDL) level and
  • Increment the high-thickness lipoprotein (HDL) level

  1. Halim seeds helps in decreasing the risk of breast cancer

They contain a particle called Glucosinolates which gives you a definite effective in gaining the development and proliferation of cancers. The seeds are highly a good source for antioxidants and phytosterols which prevents damages and repairs the cells.

  1. Halim seeds give us a boost in fighting against obesity

  •  high protein food having great satiety.
  •  an incredible wellspring of fiber (7.6g/100g of seeds), so set aside longer effort to process and in this manner diminish the food admission.
  •  stacked with cell reinforcements that assists with keeping up with great wellbeing.
  • It assists with keeping up with ideal blood glucose level.
  1. Daily intake of these Seeds helps improving the health’s of diabetes patients

  • lessen the blood glucose level.
  • lessens the blood cholesterol level.
  • further develop the blood lipid digestion.
  • Works on the action of cell reinforcement catalysts.
  • forestall the intricacies of diabetes mellitus.
  • increment the kidney work and lessens the creatinine level.

Hence, the restorative capability of Halim seeds ought to be appropriately used in the anticipation and the executives of diabetes mellitus and its connected confusions

  1.  Help in Fixing Fractured Bones

For continuing times, Halim seeds is utilized in mending of breaks and coincidental wounds. The seed powder is blended in with little water to make a glue, which is then applied to the influenced regions. It likewise overwhelmed by water or warm milk to recuperate the breaks inside. Logical examinations likewise affirm that Halim seeds have the ability to recuperate bone cracks inside 6 to 12 weeks.

Since Halim is a rich wellspring of calcium and phosphorus, it speeds up bone mending and hence can be utilized as an option in contrast to engineered calcium and phosphorus supplements.

  1. Play a major role in helping you maintain a healthy liver

Halim seeds help to shield our liver from unsafe poisons. Customary admission of nursery cress seeds assists with forestalling liver harm and along these lines guarantee solid digestion.

  1. Play an essential in avoiding hair loss

As Halim seeds contain high source of protein and iron that helps in strengthening hair and be a healthy treatment for people going through hair loss.

Situations where we should avoid intake of Halim Seeds

  • Pregnant women
  • People suffering from hypothyroidism and goiter
  • Avoid taking it along with diuretic medicines.

Being a herbal plant starting from the Vedic times and contains various health benefits of halim seeds and comes under the category of medicinal plants. These are the following benefits. Now its your turn to create tasty salads and smoothies and start having a healthy routine with Halim seeds.

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