10 Best Places to look out for if you want to get PR in Canada easily

Canada is known for its various provinces and cities in canada that are very convenient to get PR in. Factors like affordability, high income rates, good living standards, diversity in job opportunities contribute towards the reason why most people want to settle and get PR in Canada.

Even though the cities of Vancouver and Toronto are very suitable to get PR and settle in, the extreme crowd can get a little overwhelming for some people and might hide them behind the crowd.

So here is a list of 10 best places in Canada where getting PR is easier than Vancouver and Toronto.

calgary to get pr in canada

  1. Calgary

The largest city in Alberta, Calgary is known for its vast range of job opportunities in fields like tourism, creative industries, transportation business, financial services, life science and health, etc. Due to the high work productivity rate, Calgary has earned its title as the centre of Canada’s oil industry. For people who are looking to earn a decent amount of money, Calgary is one of the safest and easiest places to get PR in Canada. Due to its existing diverse and prosperous economy, people looking to get PR in Canada can expect a good standard of living. The favorable weather conditions of the city further add to its suitable features which makes it more desirable.


  1. Edmonton

The capital of the province of Alberta, Edmonton is definitely one of the easiest and best places to get PR in Canada. Edmonton is known for the highest average household income in the whole of Canada, which is definitely something people look forward to. Some of the factors which further contribute to the reason for making Edmonton one of the best places to get PR in Canada are:

  • Affordable cost of living
  • Lower Taxes
  • No Provincial Sales Tax (PST)
  • Higher income rates than the rest of Canada
  • Lowest gasoline and diesel prices in Canada

The ever growing job sector and excellent education system are also some of the reasons why getting PR in Edmonton is highly favorable.


  1. Halifax

The provincial capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax surely makes it to the list of best places for getting PR in Canada. Halifax is known for its diverse art cultures, museums, festivals, etc which makes it one of the best destinations in the world.  Halifax is a suitable place to settle in as it has a very welcoming business environment. Furthermore high ratings in safety, healthcare, living and household standards, make Halifax all the more appropriate to get a PR in.


  1. Ottawa

The capital city of Canada, Ottawa has a low cost of living and is highly safe which makes it one of the best places to get PR in Canada. Several factors which make it suitable for settling in are:

  • Ottawa is a bilingual city which makes the city more diverse.
  • High economic rate due to sectors like tourism, public employees, technical and health care.
  • Low cost of living with high income rate.


  1. Oakville

Located in the southern part of Ontario, the town of Oakville is one of the most convenient places to get PR in Canada. Being a part of Ontario, Oakville offers a various amount of job opportunities in fields such as Human Capital Priorities and various sectors in the technical department such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.


  1. Quebec

One of the oldest European cities in North America, Quebec is very welcoming when it comes to getting PR in this city. Due to it having a high rate of French speaking residents and diverse culture, Quebec is extremely suitable for people from France and for French speakers who are looking for job opportunities and a place to get PR in Canada.

prince edward island

  1. Prince Edward Island

Located in the eastern side of Canada, Prince Edward Island is one of the easiest places to get PR in Canada, as the whole process demands just about 6 months. Prince Edward Island has a good amount of job opportunities and has a very reputable education system. This province in Canada is known for having a diverse set of residents. Some of the job sectors in Prince Edward Island for people looking to settle in Canada are:

  • Food and beverage sector
  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • Nursing
  • Social work
  • Industrial work
  • Farm and agriculture


  1. Moncton

Situated in south eastern New Brunswick, the city of Moncton is one of the friendliest places to get a PR in Canada. This city is one of the easiest places to get PR in Canada and has a various amount of job opportunities for people who meet the stipulated requirements. Factors such as affordability with low cost rates and minimal cases of crime further add to the cities list of pros.


  1. Regina

Capital of Saskatchewan, Regina is one of the most desirable cities in Canada. Due to its flourishing economy and low unemployment rate, people from all over the world find this city suitable for getting PR in. Some of the factors which further contribute towards the cities top features are:

  • Strongest Economy in Canada
  • Affordability and cost rates
  • Tax
  • Population growth
  • Favourable weather conditions
  • Low crime rates
  • Easy and accessible health care facilities
  • Diverse culture


  1. Surrey

Located in British Columbia, Surrey is the largest city when it comes to land area. Surrey has a large number of job opportunities in various sectors which catch the eyes of potential immigrants. The existing situation of the city with high affordability and good standard of living are reasons enough which makes Surrey suitable for getting PR in Canada. The whole process of obtaining PR is also comparatively easy and convenient which is definitely a cherry on the cake. The rapid growth in cultural diversity, affordable housing policies and good education system, further add to the cities beauty.

The aforementioned list of 10 best places to get PR in Canada is definitely something you should check out if you’re looking to settle in Canada. The guaranteed advantages of the mentioned cities and provinces will surely help you in finding your desired place.

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