Things to do during Lockdown

As we all know that we are in a middle of a pandemic situation which has taken our ability to work on the field and most of this is caused due to the carelessness of the people who didn’t take care of themselves or didn’t update the government about the travel history because they were scared that they would be locked up in a room or were overconfident that their immune system is strong and nothing can affect them.

During this pandemic situation, the things which can be done in the lockdown rather than going out are below so let’s just enjoy the lockdown safely and keep in mind that we have so many things to do:-

  • Work from Home:-

The most important part is having a laptop or tablet for completion of office work as it is works from home and companies are expecting their employees to work harder than ever for surviving this situation so work comes first. Then work on your skills like enhancing them by doing online courses for better development of skill sets and learning new things which will be beneficial in your field and helps you to grow and develop. These things help in self-exploration and knowing what you want to truly do in your life. Well, there is one more thing one can do and i.e., looking for a work from home job or internship.

  • Cooking and Learning:-

Learning to cook by yourself as that is the safest option but this lockdown has made us realized how lazy or dependent we have become on others for every single thing like to do anything in our lives for cleaning we have a cleaning maid for cooking we call up maid or order from online that shows the area where we can learn new skills for cooking and being hygienic by ourselves rather than being dependent on others. And prevention is always better than cure and especially when you know that there is no cure till now and it is also better to add a skill to yourself and be self-sufficient.

  • Learn new Language:-

Learn new languages like Portugal or Spanish these might seem odd but learning these languages help in a lot of ways what if your company after opening wants to start a business in another country and want to travel there to meet businessmen to deal with them, here your extra co-curricular activity of learning the language will be used as you would have told your employer about it he might consider you to take you for the trip and might end up being a key for the project and again as we said add and enhance yourself, increase your self-worth.

  • Reading Books:-

Reading books, this is the best time to start reading the books which you have always thought of but never got the time to do so this is the time to utilize. The time which we have will help in reading more books is the source of knowledge and this way we would be able to understand how life works and people who have written the books give you a perspective and another ray of thinking. Most of the authors you will read have either been famous for their thoughts or finance or life. All of this will lead you to learn about the mindset of people. Books are a reflection on once self the more the person reads the more our brain grows.

  • Exercising:-

Exercising on a daily basis is another way to utilize time and what better than keeping yourself healthy and we are not allowed to go out or go to GYM and our body is going out of shape day by day. The people are just eating, working and sitting at a place in their house or beds all day due to which the body will gain weight or will cause a lot of health issues later when the lockdown is over so exercising for at least 30 minutes will keep your body fit and healthy and this is recommended to everyone whether to lose weight or to keep yourself fit. Exercising also helps in keeping our minds healthy and in shape because it will lead to an increase in focus and concentration.

  • Meditate:-

Waking up early and meditation will help in relaxing the body and staying fit. Our elders always told us to wake up early and meditate for at least 20-30 minutes just to stay focused and have a healthy life because they knew when we wake up early we will be able to learn more and concentrate and have a fresh mind. Well in case you are not able to get up early, then do it in the evening but do not leave the chance to meditate and relax.

  • News Reading:-

Reading news more and staying connected to the outside world is always being important, not only during the lockdown but also in our day to day normal life. This will help you keep an update on all the activities going around the world. Most of the people don’t like reading news but the fact is the news is the only thing which is keeping us posted about all the norms and activities happening currently so if you do not want to read the newspaper then you have many options like NDTV App, In-shorts App, India today e.t.c. The changes in the rules and regulations of the lockdown, number of cases of COVID-19, essentials & non-essential items which will be available and for how long, etc should be known by all of us at any given point of time.

  • Build Portfolio:-

Start to build your portfolio i.e. start learning about the stock market and try to invest your capital for diversification like if you are a low-risk taker but want your money to float for a long time then invest in mutual funds, if you want to trade in stocks get proper knowledge about it how the stocks function and invest accordingly. This will help in building a long term portfolio of your investments which will lead to wealth creation. Since the markets are down and the stocks are available at low pricing which means if you buy them now and hold it for the long term then you will be able to make a lot of money.

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