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10 Places to visit in New York City

A place where heaven’s falls on earth and its all about the serenity meeting style is the New York City. Best place to visit on your Honeymoon or with family and friends. After all, it is the City of Dreams or where the dream come true. It is a vortex of things to do at this city and it is always said, what you experience is what you take it back in its original manner. Everyone who visits New York will have its own experience and a story to share. Few come here for the glamorous night life, few for the Broadway shows , few for the dine and shine and many many for the sight seeing, as this city has something to offer to everyone.

Being a huge cities, there are many places to visit which are just walking distance from each other and many are just a little ride away making this beautiful city very charming and joyfull for seightseeing.

Many tourist attractions have opened in new York in recent years like the “One World Observatory” and “ High Line” which offers Unique aspects of the city. Any time of the year or day, New York has something to offer to everyone. It can never be that opppssss, something is not available here. One Stop destination for all the different types of tourists.

  1. Central Park:- A place of blissfull seightseing and sun meeting the nature is this delightful place called the Central Park. A walk, pedaling with the bi-cycle or a carriage ride is a must to do for the tourists visiting New York. During winders one can buckle up their gliders and dash across the “Wollman Rink”. This park nis half a mile wide and 2.5 miles long and is a place with no ticket. Not just here but central Park has many attractions in the vicinity which are free of cost too. Few popular places to visit when you go to central park are Strawberry Fields, Belvedere castle , the Zoo and the lake.
  2. Statue of Liberty:- New York’s most Iconic sight for the tourists is the Statue of Liberty and it is a must visit for every tourist. Built in 1886, France gift to America as a symbol of freedom. It is 152 feet tall and weighs 4,50,000 pounds. The Status has a very good clear view from Battery Park which is at the southern tip of Manhattan. The best way to visit the statue is to take a small trip to the Liberty Island and enjoy the close look. While on the way to the liberty Island, you also have an option to take a small stop at ellis islands and enjoy the Immigration Museum.

  3. The Metropolitian Museum of Art :- This is a place of Morden and heritage culture and wellbeing and this Museum is the place to be, founded in 1870, this is among the most famous places in US. The complete collection of the museum is over 5000 years old and includes American Art, armours , musical instruments, costumes, Egyptian art e.t.c. One can take the VIP entry and see the whole museum with just 25 people before it opens to the general public in the morning.
  4. Theater District-the Broadway:- Attending a broadway show should always be among the top things to do in new York City. This is the place to be to see the classics or the latest shows. Broadway is the name of one of the theater in the theater district. It is advised to purchase the popular shows tickets well in advance. Not just the broadway theater but Shubert alley is also a must visit when you visit the theater district, it is a home for the two well-known playhouse Booth and Shubert.
  5. Empire State Building:- One of the most famous places to visit when one comes for a trip to New York, it is must to go on every tourist’s list coming for the first time to New York City. Opened in 1931, 381 meters tall and has 102 floors and was the tallest building until the World Trade Center opened up 41 years after. As it is the tallest building, it is deemed to have an amazing view of the city, and the visibility is upto 80 miles of New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. On 86th floor, there is city’s highest open air observation desk open for the public. As the area has been featured in many movies, the view looks very familiar to most of us, well believe it or not, watching it live has a breadth-taking experience. Buildings 102th floor is 1250  feet above the street and the human figures looks very minute from there.
  6. Times Square :- Surrounded with amazingly lit billboards and screens, this is the place to go in the evening in New York City. Every evening the streets are completely filled with people and this is what you call as crowd when you talk about New York’s time square. This place has its own feel and thousands of option to explore street food. New York’s time square was named after the times tower in new York and was first in use in 1928 when for the first time, current headlines were posted along its moving sign. Near Times Square there is a museum to explore as well named “Madame Tussaud’s wax Museum”.
  7. Brooklyn Bridge :- The place of inspiration for many romantic movies poets and love stories. The famous Gothic shaped arches and the suspension cables is the most recognizable landmark. This was world’s first steel suspension bridge which was completed in 1883 on the east river from Manhattan to Brookyln. This place has been captured in many movies as a mark of love or separation. The best way to enjoy the bridge is an hour of walk, however there are many other ways to enjoy the same through ferries or biking over the bridge.
  8. Patrick’s Cathedral:- The Finest example of Gothic revival of massive bronze doors, 330 foot spires, white marble façade, rose window, 2400 sitting capacity and the statue of Pieta at the side of lady chapel. The building was opened in 1879 and has been restored and maintained since existence. This Cathedral was renovated in 2016 and $200 million was spent on it.
  9. Bryant Park:- A bright good summer afternoon is the best time to visit the park and enjoy the greenery. There is a game are where one can play chess, checkers, backgammon boards all at no cost. Earlier in1989, this place was completely undesirable for hanging out as it was famous for crimes until it was reclaimed and turned it into a beautiful urban oasis. During winters too this place is interesting to visit as a wide skating ring emerges there and this rink is also free to use which is not the case with the central park ring.
  10. One World Observatory :- One World Observatory is an observation desk offering blissful view from 100, 101 and 102 floors which is 1776 feet above street level. The beautiful elevator takin us to the top is also part of the attraction for many. This is a glass building which can be seen from throughout the city. It has a very unique sky scraper structure which give it a unique appearance which looks pyramidal. Save the time and buy NYC One world observatory skip the line ticket and get a hassle free experience.

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