3 Benefits of Kids Learning through Edutainment


This may sound like an odd word to you, but it is formed by blending two words; education and entertainment. Edutainment is the art of making learning fun through entertainment. It’s a new learning method in most school curriculums. If you think that edutainment and education don’t go together, you are not alone. Because entertainment is usually associated with pleasure and education is believed to be a serious activity, it can be difficult to see how the two interconnect. And so the idea of education being fun is strange to many people. But this learning method has numerous benefits to kids. Let’s highlight some of the benefits you get from edutainment. 

1. It attracts and holds the attention of the learners

You will agree that kids today live at a time when technology is part of their daily lives. Many parents worry that their kids are too engrossed in tech, yet it isn’t easy to attract and retain a child’s attention away from technology. So, doesn’t it make sense to use what children are most familiar with to enhance learning?

Through Edutainment, Indian kindergarten schools in Dubai stimulate kids and cause them to be fascinated with learning. This attracts and holds your kid’s attention, causing them to be more engaged because they see learning as fun. When the kids are engaged, it becomes easier for them to grasp what they learn. Even homework time ceases to be a chore and is instead viewed as a fun and enjoyable activity. When you use edutainment, you no longer have to get into a fight with their children every time they mention homework time.

2. It enhances the development of life skills

Let’s be honest. It can be difficult to teach kids certain life skills in a traditional class setting. Life skills are those skills everyone needs to make the most out of life. Although one can acquire life skills at any age, developing them at a young age helps them stay ahead in life. Edutainment provides just the right opportunity for the development of life skills with ease.

For example, kindergarten schools in Dubai with the Indian curriculum use games to teach creative and critical thinking skills. This is because to win at a game, kids will need to analyze information, think in a different way from the team they are playing with so that they can beat their opponents.

These are skills children carry with them into adulthood because problems are a part of life and one needs to be creative and imaginative to find solutions. Also, the world is very competitive, and it favors those with creative and critical thinking skills. Learning through edutainment helps prepare kids for the future and gives them a competitive advantage.

3. It provides opportunities for students to learn from anywhere

If there is a concept that edutainment brings out, it is that learning takes place beyond the classroom. It doesn’t just stop at the end of a school day when the bell rings, and the teacher walks away from the class. With edutainment, kids get access to information via the web anytime as long as they have access to the internet. Therefore, children get to explore and discover ideas on their own. This keeps them curious and reinforces learning without the burden of having to drill kids to learn as is common in a traditional classroom. Learning continues long after the class is over.

But perhaps you are wondering how your school can incorporate edutainment as a method of learning. Two easy ways to do so is by:

Physical Education/sports- Edutainment goes beyond just technology. It also includes experiential learning, such as sports/physical education. The best learning time, especially for kindergarten children, is playtime because it is enjoyable. Schools know this, and they have included sports or physical education as part of their school curriculum. Through sports, kids grow not just physically but also emotionally and socially.

Videos, Gaming, and Apps- These are great for kindergarten schoolers, but truthfully, they can be absorbing. So why not pick those that go beyond entertainment by selecting interactive and hands-on way videos or apps that help kids learn while combining their creativity. International schools ensure their facility has labs for video production, gaming, and apps where kids get to build on the subjects they have learned, such as math, art, and even basic coding skills. That way, kids balance the entertaining part of the play with the challenge of solving math, coding, and creativity of art. It is a win-win!

The benefits of edutainment are enormous. Both learners and educators have creative and exciting ways of engaging in the classroom, thus having an experiential learning experience. This is more memorable and enjoyable for both teachers and learners. Without a doubt, schools should adopt edutainment as part of their learning process.


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