When JIO 5G will Come to India

When JIO 5G will Come to India – Currently, 5G networks are used in many countries like Canada, Australia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Japan, Poland, Philippines, and soon it is expected to come to our very beloved Nation India, expected mostly in the last 2020s or early 2021. We can also call this as Mission 2021 or Mission 21. Bharti Airtel and Huawei successfully conducted a network trail in Former network experience center in Manesar, Gurugram.

Jio the Master Blaster!

As we know strategy all the Telecom Companies are following to get 5 G to India and JIO being one of the Biggest company, we expect like 4G, Jio will try yet another exert Marketing Strategy or we can say destruction strategy to get to capture the Mass and make it available out there for everyone to use and make sure to provide extensive connectivity challenging and remote areas of India weather you call it through in the air, in water or in Land.

Jio has got permission from the government to do 5G trails all by themselves by using their own technology and design. This is as great as it sounds, who doesn’t want to be self-sufficient and Reliance JIO has proved it yet again and after the successful trials, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of Indian (TRAI) has sent recommendation of promoting local telecom equipment gathering which means we will be doing the local designing and manufacturing the telecom network equipment which sounds for More Employment Opportunities and self-sustainability.

When jio 5g will launch in india

Plus Minus!

As they call it, a coin has two sides, similarly, Jio Launching 5G in India has both strong and weak points. The biggest back pull for JIO or for that matter any other operator in the Telecom Industry is steep spectrum prices. The base price for 5G Spectrum is Highest in India. TRAI has recommended keeping the reserve price of Rs.492 crore per MHz which means the operators will have to pay a bomb price around 50,000 crores for 100 MHz pan India spectrum and that is the minimum spectrum required to deliver 5G services.

Conclusion of When JIO 5G will Come to India

As we know technology always comes with its own price, it is believed that the current 4G handsets devices will not be able to use this new network as it needs 5G enabled wireless devices. So we can say there is a momentum built-in Chinese company Huawei and other international companies backing up for the equipment that India is shifting to More Make in India equipment and technology. And as far as JIO is concerned and the whole telecom industry is there, we will get a clear picture of the Impact of the trails after the COVID 19 gets over and we enter the New Age Surviving Era.

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