5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is a Good Career Choice

5 Reasons to Choose Digital Marketing as Your Career – If you are someone interested in the hype and trend of digital marketing, you may be aware amid the economic downfall of industries for the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021; digital marketing is the only one that not only survived but flourished. If you are new to the world of digital marketing or the concept of digital marketing is new to you – let’s put in simple words that it is a form of internet marketing to promote brands to its potential customer’s email, social media, online advertising, SMS and MMS, etc. For example, if you are a student in need of essay help, digital marketing may connect you to the potential essay help providers or services.

Let’s connect the dots with some hard facts:

  • COVID-19 pandemic increased internet usage drastically in 2020. EE, a telecommunication service provider in the UK, saw a staggering 45% increase in internet usage between February and May 2020.
  • Similarly, Facebook added 100 million users by 2020

Now, to increase the digital marketing budget, companies now need skilled employees to perform the task for them, leading to the demand for the specific job. So is the surge for Digital Marketing Specialists that it became the 10 most in-demand jobs in 2020 in Linked in.

Is Digital Marketing the Right Choice?

It is the question that may pop into your mind instantly. With increasing means of communication opening up, the industry of digital marketing is increasing rapidly. To become a digital marketing specialist, you don’t need to be a geek. You can be a businessman, a financial analyst, an essay typer of any writing help services, a clerk or even a nurse.

A knack for understanding the current trends of digital marketing, an open mind to discover new sources and in-depth knowledge of online advertising can land you a decent job. However, not all who have the basic knowledge in the genre can bag the most lucrative offers; specific qualities are needed. You must be:

  • Passionate
  • Innovative
  • Patient
  • Ability to work at a fast pace
  • Goal-oriented

Digital is the future of advertising, and its traditional methods are becoming more obsolete. Thus, knowledgeable and experienced digital marketers are in great demand. If you hone these skills and become an expert, you can take advantage of this industry to fill your big pockets at much ease.

Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

high demand of digital marketing

  1. Demand for the digital marketing career

My digital marketing career has grown tremendously over the last 10 years.

Every business today wants to learn ways to set up a business online, and it is the primary reason for rapid growth in digital marketing. The next logical step for a business that wants to take its place online is to market a business online.

It has become a prerequisite for every marketing division of the company. Digital marketing has now become the right hand of every company’s marketing division. It has led to the surge in digital marketing professionals’ demand which culminates in better salaries for digital marketers.

A survey result suggests that 4 out of every 10 marketing job mandates digital marketing skills.

Moreover, McKinsey conducted a survey on various companies. 61% of them reported adding a wing of in-house digital marketing specialists to their company. Additionally, the marketing team of every company today needs digital marketing to survive in the business.

  1. Digital Marketing is the Future

Over the last decade, Digital marketing has become synonymous with marketing. A new marketing procedure that pops up in the marketing scene for its broad industry usage becomes the most striking marketing method. Now, when traditional advertising modes are becoming extinct every day, digital marketing spending has blossomed in double-digit in the last 8-10 years.

Those who spent dollars in radio, television, and newspaper marketing, now put that money on digital marketing. If statistics are to be believed, the curve will steep straight high to almost 201.83 billion dollars by 2023. The main reason – the attention shift newspaper and television to internet and OTT platforms. This transition is creating a huge gap for digital marketers to fill.

Digital Marketing embraces professionals of all backgrounds

3. Digital Marketing embraces professionals of all backgrounds

It is common logic that the Internet reaches millions, and people are spending more time on the internet day by day gave a push to digital marketing (145 minutes a day in 2020 compared to 142 minutes in 2019).

However, more true is that digital marketing is open to professionals for all paths of life. If you are interested in how the internet works and how to become successful on the web, digital marketing is your playground. Additionally, it is a great scope for introverts with marketing skills to showcase their talent. They can hide behind the computer screen and increase sales for the company.

The beauty of this industry is that it embraces everyone from any professional background with open arms.

If you are a technician, SEO is your place.

Fascinated by the world of social media, make SMM your earning source.

Enjoy writing, become a content writer.

Designing is your forte to become a social media content creator.

And if you can hit a six in every spin, then the sky is your limit.

A career in the diverse field of digital marketing gives you every opportunity to shine

4. With Digital Marketing – You think creatively

Being an entrepreneur for nearly a decade, I have enjoyed every day and every line of work associated with digital marketing. Of course, there are highs and lows in every profession, but no two days have been the same, or to put simply, there has been no mundane work in my career as a Digital Marketing expert.

On some days, I design infographics for my clients, while the other days, I create backlinks or input my creative ideas to increase the traffic for the client’s site. If you can train your mind and brain to lay some out-of-the-box ideas to the table, this profession is yours. Having said that, being abreast with every popping social media platform, the latest version of Google algorithm and digital marketing changes across the world is a must to stay long in this profession.

5. Digital Marketing gives you the opportunity to acquire new skills

When I was a fresher in the world of digital marketing, an industry veteran recruiter once interviewed what I enjoy the most in life. I replied with writing, especially content, selling new and old products, and social media browsing for new things that are available on the Internet. The recruiter then said that I would enjoy the profession.

Well, he was true. Today I am fascinated, and most importantly, I get to learn a new thing every day.

Digital Marketing is a career that exposes you to many new skills and things every day. Unlike other career options like coding or infrastructure engineering, which has a steep curve for every learning process, digital marketing needs time to soak in and is varied.

So if you are a content writer interested to learn SEO, you can master the SEO basics and blend them with your excellent content writing skills to rank your content.

A career in digital marketing is not defined by one line of work.

Instead, it is defined by your appetite to learn new skills and upgrade yourself as per the latest digital marketing trends.

Final thoughts

Digital marketing is among a few of those careers that have witnessed staggering growth even in the slow economy of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, digital marketing professionals have become the most hired industry personnel with lucrative salary packages.

With digital marketing skills, you also have the opportunity to start or grow your own business. It also offers you the scope to switch industries smoothly. You can also thrive in recession with digital marketing acumen. Thus, digital marketing is a good career choice in 2021 and in the years to come.

Author Bio: Clara Smith is the CEO of a global digital marketing company based in the UK. She is a coveted member of and supervises the digital marketing essay help service of For assistance, contact her at

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