Top 3 Medical Universities In Russia For Indian Students in 2022

Russia has been one of the top destinations for Indian students who wish to study MBBS abroad. Over the last few years, the number of students from India opting for MBBS in Russia has seen exponential growth. In the year 2021, several Russian universities witnessed a huge rush of Indian students. 

Advantages Of Studying MBBS in Russia For Indian Students

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There are several reasons which make studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students a good choice. Some of the many advantages of pursuing medical education in Russia are:

  • Affordable Fee Structure

Russian medical universities are known to offer education at an affordable fee structure. The high-quality medical education at low cost makes Russia one of the best choices for those who wish to study MBBS abroad.

  • Quality Of Education

In contrast to the affordable fee structure, the university provides an upbeat and advanced quality of education. The classrooms, laboratories, libraries, sports vicinities, etc are well equipped.

  • Low Cost Of Living

Russia is listed as one of the most pocket-friendly countries. The cost of stay, travel, transportation, etc is extremely feasible. So studying MBBS in Russia does not require much expenditure.

  • Recognition & Reputation

The Russian medical universities are well-recognised by various regional, national and international statutory bodies. Medical degrees from Russia are recognised by ECFMG, FAIMER, WDOMS, NMC(MCI) and so on.

  • Career Opportunities

Another advantage that comes along with a medical degree from a Russian university, apart from the recognition and reputation it provides, is the exposure to multiple career opportunities 

For the year 2022, as the students still maze around which university to choose for their MBBS in Russia, here are some of the 

Here are the top 3 medical universities in Russia for Indian students:

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  1. Mari State University

    Established in 1972, Mari State University (MarSU) is one of the names which has gained massive popularity with Indian students in the past year. The medical faculty of MarSU has been enticing the Indian students for their MBBS in Russia. The university is considered one of the classical universities of the Volga region.

    The university is known for its state-of-art-infrastructure, competent faculties and the research exposure it provides to its students apart from the affordable fee structure it offers. The university ensures active participation for all its students and encourages them to participate in various co-curricular activities.

    In September 2021 MarSU became one of the universities participating in the “Priority 2030” strategic academic leadership programme, which outlined the vectors of the university’s development for the next nine years. This directly affects the quality of education and its vocation at the international level. First and foremost, this applies to medical specialities, which are in particular demand in the modern world. 

    The university already ranks among the top choices for aspiring medical students from India from the past years, this year, it won’t be wrong to assume that the university would be gaining even more popularity this year for Indian students as it keeps on expanding its horizon to catering and serving more facilities and opportunities.

  2. Perm State Medical University

    One of the oldest universities in Russia, Perm State Medical University (PSMU) is one of the top government medical universities. The university has immense popularity among Indian medical aspirants. At present, there are more than 1500 students who are currently pursuing MBBS in Russia at PSMU. 

    The university would be completing 106 years of its establishment this year. The university has been on the receiving end for various honoraries like “Best campus’ Moscow Mayor’s Prize”, “Best student hostel”, the highest number of patents in the region, and so on. In the year 2021, the university has also managed to save a spot among the top 10 medical universities in Russia by Forbes.

    During its legacy of more than a century, the university has lists of various laureates and dignified figures. The university’s library has some of the much-valued research records. Another attractive feature that makes learning at PSMU a lot more wholesome is the use of multiple ICT (Information-Communication Technology) techniques when administering learning.

    One such facility is the use of humanoids in the labs. The humanoid named, Yuri, is used to assist international students with the language barrier. The laureates, professors and alumni are readily available to assist the students in any way throughout their careers.

    Another advantage for the Indian students at PSMU is that the university often facilitates separate hostels- solely for Indian students, to ensure they get well adjusted in a new environment. For Indian students, the university also has special arrangements to provide Indian food in its canteen.

  3. Orenburg State Medical University

    A popular name among the young medical aspirants of India, Orenburg State Medical University continues to be one of the top choices when it comes to studying MBBS abroad. The university has immense recognition and reputation in the medical fraternity given the characteristic education it offers to the students. 

    The university has also been ranked among the top 10 medical universities in Russia by Forbes and has been showered with various accolades over time. The university is known to be driven by academic excellence. The entire medical curriculum is transacted in a research-oriented manner that helps the students to stay on track with demands, requirements, solutions and alternatives in the long run. With over 47 departments and 300 professors and associate professors and doctors.

    At the same time, the university also actively engages in multitudes of sports and other co-curricular activities at various levels and even has won several cups. The university often is involved with various research practices adding another upper hand to all its students. 

    The university does provide comfortable residential facilities equipped with all the necessary facilities, complexes, Indian food for Indian students, FMGE/NExT Coaching and so on. All these features make choosing Orenburg State Medical University a strong choice for the young Indian medical aspirers wishing to study MBBS abroad.

Opting to study MBBS in Russia is quite a fruitful choice for all those young medical aspirers of India. However, the path to achieving its full galore may be complicated. Rus Education has been working for the past 30 years to assist the students on their journey to Russia for their medical education. Thousands of these students are already working as well-established doctors are currently working at reputable hospitals across India as well as abroad.

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