Already a Year to Lionel Messi’s Winning WorldCup

Lionel Messi, veteran in football , famous for being one of the best Football Player and the most down to earth person. Sweet and Kind at heart, Lionel Messi belongs to Argentina, he has represented Agertina in International Football.


Its been an year to one of the most thrilling FIFA WorldCup Final of all times played between Argentina and France.

Messi was born on 24th June 1987 (36) and is married to Antonela Roccuzzo since 2017. They have three children and Lional Messi is famous for playing for the Club, FCB Barcelona.

Well in an Interview, Lional Messi shared that joining FCB was a life changing experience and things just fell in place, not that he had planned his career path the way it has paved. Everything just came one after the other, and he says he is blessed with the lifetime opportunities and making the best out of it, Well It is said, Lionel Messi is the Player of the lifetime when it comes to Soccer or Football.



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