Daily: 5 Almonds? Keep Yourself Strong and Healthy!

We have all hear about a wholeosome meal and a balanced diet, infact read alot about eating everything in a proposed ration. Now Almonds have such properties which has high nutritional values, making it a wholesome meal. No I am not saying to have almonds instead of a meal, i am saying that one can add almonds to a meal making it more wholesome and complete.

Almonds are a rich source of Calcium and phosphorus, making it great for bones, and you know the best part that even it is fit for the kids to eat, once can give them soaked almonds after removing the peel or grated or powered form as per their convinience.


Best for Sugar Patients

Keeping your blood sugar under control is a common phenominon for the people of the aged 3o to 60 years and due to our busy schedule, all we do is ignore our health and later we regret so whoever wants to keep their blood sugar levels under control, Almonds helps to curb them.


Reducing Obesity a magic by Almonds

Being rich in Vitemin E and fibre, it helps reduce coloestrol which is why it is reccomende to include almonds in the diet of an obese person. It is also known to give instant energy as usually anyone who is obese is always low on energy level so Almonds helps to amp up.

One can replace normal mil with Almond Milk to make sure, the weight is under control and you feel energetic for a very long time.


Better Digestion

Stomach problems especially digestion has become a very common phenomina in the youths due to our eating habbits and sleep cycle. Now there are many medicines to keep ot normal but why not keeping your stomach healthy in a natural way by consuming Almonds in their daily diet.

One can use almod oil for cooking instead of refined oil, also replacing your normal butter with almond butter can definatly help you to fall back into shape and reduce inflamation in your stomach.

Almond is the native to the Middle Eastren Countries but United States of America is the largest producer of almonds in the world.

Dieting? Almonds are your best friend

Almonds contain magnesium, magnese, good fat, vitemin E, high amount of protien and fibre thats why many dieticians include almonds in your diet as it helps you to be balanced in your meal and also tastes good.

They are also known to have phytic acid and digestive enzymes which not only improved digestion but also help the food to digest faster so the metabolism is increased eventually making you fit from within.

Having so many antioxidents, almonds also helps you to keep your skin radiant from within.

Lowers the rate of heart disease

Rich in Vitamin E makes almonds reduce Heart Diseases and Alzheimer’s disease. As vitamin E is a fat soluable antioxident, it helps the fats in your body to form a structure of cell membrane protecting from oxidative damage.


Having a BP problem? We have got you covered

Magnesium known for its properties helps to keep the blood pressure under control. If you are havingĀ  High Bloos Pressure, doctors help you to increase the intake of magnesium rich products like almonds.

Adding few almonds to your diet can help you get the recommended daily magnesium intake whihc will definately have positive effects on your health.

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