Beccos Brings You Some Of The Best Gifts For Girls

BECCOS is the gift shop of everyone’s dreams! The products are very affordable, durable and there is a huge selection of gift items to choose from. BECCOS has plans of setting 200 stores across India in the next couple of years, but currently, there are 4 stores located in the National Capital, Delhi and 25 other stores in India, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. For those who do not know, BECCOS is a Korean designer brand which has set foot in the Indian market very recently and has a number of quirky, cool and affordable products to offer.

Those of you who are planning to surprise the women in your life with a present, this Valentine’s Day must visit BECCOS to lay your hands on some of the best women-centric presents, at cost-effective rates. Here are some products which will prove to be excellent gifts for women:

Flower Vases: If your mother is your Valentine this year, then surprise her with a sweet gesture, by gifting her a beautiful flower vase from BECCOS. These vases are available in different shapes and sizes. They will add pizzazz to any part of the house whilst sitting ornately in any corner of the room.

Mirrors: You can find hand mirrors, pocket mirrors and vanity mirrors at BECCOS. Made from some of the best quality glass, these mirrors will be a handy present for every woman-on-the-go. Plus, they are priced very affordably, so you have no excuse to not pick them up.

Bags: After diamonds, bags are a woman’s best friend. Yes, you read that right! If you are confused about buying a present for a girl or woman, then bags happen to be the safest bet! The ones available at BECCOS are made from amazing materials which will last for a very long time. Plus, they are priced perfectly!

Slippers: BECCOS has an array of uber cool slippers for women. From plush home slippers to amazing flip-flops, you can find them in different colors and designs. Besides, their material is really sturdy and will certainly last a very long time. Comfortable on the feet, BECCOS slippers will be appreciated by women of all ages.

Soft Toys: Koreans are known for their obsession with cuteness, so their soft-toys are some of the best you will ever see. BECCOS is home to a number of plush toys which will be appreciated by every little girl you know. The BECCOS franchise has innovative yet cost-effective gifts, so we are positive you will walk out with a handful of amazing stuff, every time you visit the BECCOS store.

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