Choosing Your Idyllic Island Vacation: Mauritius vs Seychelles

Though Mauritius and Seychelles are the jewels of the Indian Ocean, each is unique in their way. They offer varied experiences to its visitors that they cherish forever. But, when choosing the idyllic island vacation, it is quite tricky. The little differences between the islands help make the decision. The small differences might be the culture, geography, climate, wildlife or something else entirely.

Is it Mauritius or Seychelles when you are looking for a new island adventure? The answer entirely depends on what you are looking for on your Mauritius vacation.

Here’s an article for you to help you choose between Mauritius and Seychelles on your next vacation.

Tourism Options

Tourism is a well-developed industry in Mauritius. There is a diverse range of holiday resorts catering to all types of travellers, from families to honeymooners. The geographical nature of Mauritius, being a single island, is a great advantage when it comes to connectivity and convenience. It is easy to explore the island or have lunch in the nearest town. The activity spots are also nearby. The maximum time to reach any activity spot is not more than two hours.

Though the tourism of Seychelles is developed, it is not as much as Mauritius. The local authorities restrict the expansion of resorts or the tourism industry to protect their natural environment. This gives the island a considerable measure of exclusivity that is far beyond other island destinations. This comes with a price tag, but the unspoiled nature offers so much peace and tranquillity.

Geography and Getting Around

Seychelles is an archipelago of beautiful islands, with three inhabited islands. Mahe is the largest of the three islands, and most often the entry point to tourists. With dazzling white sand beaches and well-preserved nature, it offers a vast range of experiences to its visitors. La Digue and Praslin are located a little further north, providing a much serene and an isolated style of lifestyle. While Praslin is ideal for island hopping, La Digue is famous for its laid-back atmosphere.

On the other hand, Mauritius is well developed in terms of connectivity and road system. Taxis are the most convenient way to explore the island, but the local bus system is also on par excellence. With mountainous and volcanic terrain, there are lots to explore inland itself, including Valley of Colours and Black River Gorges National Park. The airport of Mauritius is situated on the opposite side of the island from Port Louis. So, when you land in Mauritius, you can easily get transferred to your resort without entering the city. You are guaranteed to feel the bliss of the island as soon as you land itself.



There is a big difference between Mauritius and Seychelles when it comes to island activities. The experiences are entirely different. Though Mauritius offers every opportunity to days and nights in its beautiful beaches, that’s not the only attraction. It provides much more than relaxing on its shores. Since it has well-developed tourist infrastructure, you can have any holiday you want. You can explore the caves, or visit the locals to experience an influential Creole culture, or go ziplining in the Rodrigues. The streets also offer an exceptional culinary experience.

With a tourism industry that gives more importance to their environment, the range of activities in Seychelles is quite restricted. You can’t experience any motorised sports, and it is not a surprise. But you can take day trips to other islands to explore its nature and wildlife.


Culture and Cuisine

Though both Mauritius and Seychelles have a strong Creole culture, it has evolved very differently. South Asian culture reflects much in Mauritius when compared to Seychelles. As culture and the cuisine is co-related, the cuisine of Mauritius is spicy and has a tinge of Indian style. Whereas, Seychelles is rich in Asian cuisine with a blend of European style. When you take alcoholic beverages, rum is famous in Mauritius, and palm wine is the signature drink in Seychelles.

Type of Traveller

  • Families

If you’ve got kids, then, of course, Mauritius is the best option. The variety of activities and the connectivity of islands will keep all age groups amused. The price is also comparatively lower.

  • Couples

Both islands are undoubtedly a couple-destinations. But if you are looking only for privacy and a secluded atmosphere, Seychelles will be the perfect place for your vacation.

  • Solo Travellers and Budget Travellers

Again, this depends on your interest. But if you want to save money, Mauritius is the best option for solo travellers and budget travellers.

  • The Culture Vulture

Without any doubts, Mauritius offers a great spot to explore the culture of the island which reflects in its architecture, temples, food and the locals.

Now, I hope you’ve got an idea about choosing the best island destination according to your interests. Be it Mauritius or Seychelles, reach out to us to make the planning and your vacation a memorable one! We offer customised Mauritius honeymoon packages. Happy planning!

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