Top Beaches of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has famous beaches to enjoy the endless coastlines of that region. You can relax and enjoy the peaceful views and engage here in water sports.

The beaches with crystal clear waters reflect the nature of that destination. You can become a beach bum and spend your days lazing on the sand taking in the sun followed by the dip in the clear waters.

We will here tell about the top beaches Of South-East Asia are listed below: –

1. Rai Leh, Thailand is a Dramatic Landforms: –

Rai Leh is Thailand’s beach paradise when you are visiting this finest beach in Thailand, if not in Southeast Asia.

You can relax on the broad strip of white sand at each end of the beach. You can also make a trip to Ton Sai to indulge in some rock climbing and go to the viewpoint to get the amazing view of the islands.

You can visit for 3 nights that make the most of this wonderful beach destination that amongst the beaches of South-East Asia.

If you want to enjoy all-natural attractions stay here for 4 nights. The best time to visit in the month from November to March. You can reach by taking a long-tail boat from either Ao Nang or Krabi to reach Rai Leh.

There are different travel places to visit that are Railway Beach, Phra Nang Beach, Princess Cave& etc

2. Phu Quoc, Vietnam is a Tropical Beach: –

It is the best picture perfect in the sand beaches that are cloaked in the dense. Phu Quoc is the best beach in Vietnam & also the beautiful beaches of South-East Asia.

You can spend your day here by doing the trekking through the Phu Quoc National Park or also by visiting the beautiful Cua Can and Ong Lan Beaches and the Dinh Cau Night Market for the delicious range of Vietnamese Street food.

If you want to enjoy all the natural attractions stay here for 3 nights.The best time to visit in the month from November to March. You can reach to Phu Quoc, Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh via bus and ferry.

There are different places to visit that are Sao Beach, Phu Quoc National Park, Khem Beach& etc

3. Langkawi, Malaysia is a White Sand Water: –

It is one of the well-known destinations in Southeast Asia. It is the home to Malaysia’s most picturesque beaches, Langkawi will leave you wanting for more.

You can also check out the gorgeous Pantai Cenang that is one of the best beaches of South-East Asia.

Another must-see is the Gunung Raya i.e is the tallest mountain on the island and Laman Padi, an ecotourism complex for a closer look at rice paddies.

If you want to enjoyan all-natural stay here for 5 nights. The best time to visit in the month from January to March. You can reach by taking a flight to Langkawi International Airport, Kedah.

There are different places to visit that are Pantai Cenang, Laman Padi Langkawi, Crockodile Adventureland Langkawi& etc.

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