Everything You Need To Know About DocuTAP EMR System

What is an EMR?

The acronym EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records and initially, they were just that; digitized electrical records. However, as time passed and more advancements were made in the field of technology, these EMR systems became much more sophisticated but the name EMR still stuck. While they are still referred to as EMR, they usually have functions that go much beyond just storing patient files and records. EMRs are incredibly sophisticated and can perform a number of functions which will greatly help in the day to day operations of your medical practice. In this post, we will be specifically talking about DocuTAP EMR Software to tell you more about this specific software. So let us look at some features of DocuTAP so you can know what exactly this EMR is capable of. 

Features of DocuTAP EMR

Customizable Templates

One of the most important aspects of an EMR is how easy it is to use for your specifically. Since EMRs are generally built for several different specialties and are broad scale in their approach, at times doctors can find them hard to use because of this since the templates might be too broad for their area of specialization. However, with DocuTAP EMR System you have the option of customizing your template and changing it to the way you want and find efficient. You could essentially change it closer to whatever template you already use and are used to so that you’re learning curve with the software is reduced! 


Another big aspect of running a practice is ensuring that you get the billing done right and on time. And a lot of times this is the toughest part of the job. However, with DocuTAP EMR you can relax and let the software handle the billing. Not only does this reduce the amount of human error that can occur during billing but also lets you focus on your practice and patients rather than the billing aspect of it. The software automatically sends out reminders for late payments so you do not have to keep on top of the situation at all times. According to DocuTAP EMR reviews, people greatly enjoy this feature as it saves them money from having to hire an accountant or assistant to take care of the billing. 


Patient Portal

Another great feature that you and your patients both get to enjoy from DocuTAP EHR is the patient portal which patients can access. This saves a lot of time and effort as well because patients can fill out their information on the portal on their own time before their visit and can even schedule the visit according to their convenience through the portal. This helps save a lot of time and effort and keeps all patient data synthesized in one place for the doctor to look through! The patient can also keep track of their appointments and communicate with the doctor if need be. Overall, having this software will really simplify the billing process and reduce that stress from your life. 

Remote Access

One of the perks of living in the 21st century is the amount of technology we are able to enjoy such as smartphones and tablets. And DocuTAP EMR system fully takes advantage of this and has apps that are compatible with these devices so you can use the EMR remotely as well. The EMR has cloud-based functionality which means it can be accessed from anywhere in the world and is not housed in a singular computer or system. The EMR is hosted on a server that can be accessed through the app or website. With this EMR you can essentially keep an eye on your practice and patients from anywhere in the world!


Having a good dashboard that is not only functional but also nice to look at is an underrated feature in any EMR. However, with DocuTAP you get exactly this. A good idea to check out the dashboard and ensure whether it is good enough for you and suits your needs is to ask the vendor for a DocuTAP tutorial. Seeing the tutorial will help you figure out whether or not this EMR is suitable for you and give you a chance to ascertain so by looking at the dashboard and other features. You can customize certain aspects of the dashboard to make it fit your needs better; it is up to you! 

Should you invest in DocuTAP EMR

Now that we have talked extensively about DocuTAP and some of its most popular features according to DocuTAP EMR reviews given by your peers in medicine and from my own research, you are probably trying to make a final decision! The answer to your question can only come from you. We cannot categorically tell you whether or not to invest in this EMR since it depends on what your medical practice looks like and what you are searching for. If the features mentioned above are what you need, then go for it. In the end, it depends on what you are searching for and if you think that DocuTAP EHR could fulfill that need then you have a winner! A good way to judge whether the software is suitable for you or not is by requesting a DocuTAP tutorial from the vendor and determining its suitability for you and your practice for yourself.



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