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Facials to be done for winters to keep your skin hydrated

Skin is always a problem for most of us and especially during winters, it gets so much dry and any types of moisturizer doesn’t help to keep them glowing and healthy. Regular CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing) is a must when the winters starts, make it as a daily routine twice a day, morning and before you go to bed. Only CTM doesn’t help during extreme winters and getting a facial done which is good for your skin and keeps it hydrated is a must.

Here are 5 types of facials you should do during winters.

1.Fruit Facial :- Fruits are everyone’s friend whenever someone is thinking to take care of their health and keeping your skin healthy is also a part of body being healthy, so a good fruit cleanup or facial is very good for skin during winters. The natural extracts of fruits provide enough nutrients for the skin to rejenuvate. Exfoliation of the dead skin with fruit nourishment removes the dead skin and is best for you during winters. One can choose from fruits facials like banana facial, peach fruit facial, passion fruit extract facial or any berry facial, these all will help you get the desired skin during winters.


2.Wine Facial:- A glass of red wine keeps you 10 years younger is a French saying stating that “Red Wine” helps in anti-aging and hydration. It has resveratrol extracts which slows down your skin’s ageing process preserving the natural collagen present in your skin. Red wine facial also helps to reduces the fine lines and wrinkles so this is recommended for anyone who is above 30 and is looking for a good 2 in 1 facial which is good in winters and helps you look younger everyday.




3.Hydra Facial :- During extreme winters, the skin gets super dry and infusing hydration is a must. One should always work on skin as a whole to have a soothing effect and very joyfull as your skin breadths then so do you. Hydra Facial is recommended during winters to make sure the skin gets enough moisture to keep you going the entire winters. Hydra Facial is suppose to be bit high on the pocket but due to its everlasting effect, it is recommended twice during the whole winter season of 4 months which leaves it good on the pocket too.




4.O3 Facial :- When in winters, any random summer facial will only spoil the skin more as whenever we get a cleanup or facial done, it is always opening our pores and getting a scrub done during facial is the most dangerous thing for your skin as already the skin is dry in winter so opt for a facial which cleanses your skin and even infuses oxygen and the products are very gentle on your epidermis. O3 facial is one of a kind, budget friendly and best during winters as its products are super gentle on the skin and doesn’t harm your skin during dryness. And our skin can always use some more oxygen to feel young and hydrated.





5.Chocolate Facial :- One of the nourishing ingredient used during winter is chocolate weather it is a good hot chocolate drink or it is skin care waxing or when it especially comes to a facial. Chocolate is known for having the anti-oxidants which our skin needs during dry winters. Chocolate facial not only helps to keep your hydration intact but also helps the skin to improve its colour. Nobody is saying that your skin will be come white but it will defiantly look younger as chocolate also has a anti-ageing effect on your skin. Have a gentle massage done with all the ingredients of a chocolate facial and you will have the glass skin which you can flaunt during the whole winter season.


Only getting a facial done won’t solve the problem, regular habits of CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing) will always have a upper hand to keep your skin healthy. For dry skin always a cream based or a think cleanser and moisturizer is recommended and for oily skin, always a gel based cleanser and moisturizer is recommended. One can also go for a mill cleanser and moisturizer as it works best on both the skin types. Keeping your skin healthy is as important as eating healthy food, both are equally important. Always remember, skin care comes under health and not fashion. Stay Healthy and eat Healthy.

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