Get An Essential Portable Glove Box In Your Laboratory

If you are working in a laboratory, then you must be aware of the potential danger a laboratory worker or a professional has to face. There are various types of laboratory equipment which are essential to make the lab tasks convenient. You carry out experiments in a lab where you are surrounded by harmful chemicals. At times, you have to work with chemicals directly with your hands. Using a glove box is essential for all lab workers. What do you mean by a glove box? A glove box is basically a sealed container which has gloves and arm pots. The user of a glove box can put their hands inside the arm pots so that they can execute tasks in the box with ease. In short, a glove box will let you carry out tasks in the box without any hassle. One of the best features of a glove box is that you do not have to break the containment while you are working with a glove box. What safety measures you should take while working with glove boxes? How you can spot portable glove boxes? Get the answers in the lines mentioned below.

Note On Lab Glove Box 

Generally, a lab glove box is a firmly fixed and sealed container box which has openings on the opposite sides or on the same sides along with affixed gloves which let the lab operator’s work in the isolated environment. The walls of the  lab glove boxes are made up of tempered glass or clear acrylic plastic which will make the visibility process clear. When you buy a portable glove box, make sure to check the specifications of your particular glove box. The glove box which you choose to purchase should fit in your lab requirement.

Various Types of Glove Boxes

You want to buy the best laboratory glove boxes. But, you do not know which glove box would be an appropriate fit for your laboratory. You will come across numerous types of glove boxes in the market. Such as inert glove box, isolation glove box, containment glove box, vacuum glove box and laminar glove box.

There are mainly two types of glove boxes which are used in laboratories. Containment glove boxes are designed for safeguarding the surroundings and laboratory personnel from contamination of toxic chemical substances or harmful bacteria. Whereas, the purpose of the isolation glove box is to maintain the inert gas environment while you are doing experiments or other laboratory-related work. Portable glove boxes are small in size and they are light in weight. You can place the portable glove boxes on mobile stands or on the top of a bench of a laboratory. It can be used for argon, nitrogen and humidity control. There are various other glove boxes which are used in laboratories such as stainless steel glove boxes, compact glove boxes, open exhaust glove boxes, closed loop glove boxes, compounding glove boxes and ESD safe glove boxes.

Is The Glove Box Portable? 

Are you trying to find out the right portable glove box for your laboratory? If yes, then you should consider the size of a glove box at first. There are some easy ways through which you can get your desired glove box for your laboratory. As there are several types of glove boxes available in the market, you should know the size of a glove box you are looking for. To get the right portable glove box, you should always get hands on the glove box which is small in size. The glove box which is small is considered as a portable glove box and the glove box which is large in size is considered as a non-portable glove box. In case you do not have sufficient space in your laboratory, then your best bet would be to opt for a small sized glove box.

Prominent Features

  • The interior dimension of a glove box is 26 1/2″Wx17″Dx17.5″H.
  • It consists of a lift-up window whose frame is made up of stainless steel.
  • The clear PVC window lets the easy parts switch from inside of the box easily.
  • For operations which involve large equipment, you can use the fully removable gasketed back wall.

Be Careful With Installation

A technician should have proper training and knowledge about operating, storing, transporting, maintenance and installation part of a portable glove box. Before you get the glove box installed, you should read through the instructions’ manual properly. Make sure the product is installed close to the system. Whole installing, you should follow local health, internal and other safety rules properly. Call up a professional technician who can install the portable glove box in a professional manner. All guidelines should be followed while installing the product in order to avoid the possible hazards.

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