How Spy on Phone Protect Your Employees from COVID 19?

During the challenging time of this global pandemic, it can be tough for you to keep a pulse on your company, your workers, and your primacies. All the organizations in the entire world are feeling the effect of COVID 19 in different ways such as limited to no operations, change in the payroll, and staff members taking preventive measures to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Regularly, we are bombarded with the new statistics that inform us the number of confirmed cases is increasing quickly. This dangerous disease also has a very negative impact on the economy of the world. As a business owner, you must stay sane during this difficult time. To keep your team productive, informed, and healthy, you have to maintain accurate stats on worker data.

As you know that employees are working from home these days, so you should spy on phone to ensure they are working and not wasting time. There are plenty of tools that can help you monitor their activities remotely and secretly, but TheOneSpy phone tracker app is taking the lead.

Why You Should Track the Activities of Your Work-From-Home Employees?

Time Management

If you think that the performance of your company is decreasing day by day, then you must monitor your workers. The use of the monitoring tool can drastically improve their productivity. You will be able to know how much time they spend on computers and cell phones. If they spend many hours on non-work browsing or email, you can talk to them about it.

The app empowers you to make policies that concentrate on the problem areas. If the software reveals that your staff members are shopping online or chatting on instant messaging apps with their friends or relatives during work time, you can restrict those practices. You can block all those websites secretly and remotely. The best thing is that your team won’t be able to know that you are monitoring their activities.

Prevent Loss

Are you worried that someone from your staff is sharing important data with your competitors? Don’t worry and protect your valuable assets by tracking the actions of your team. The monitoring tool boosts your ability to protect your company’s assets. If they will delete or hide exchanged memos or emails from their devices, you will be able to recover them by creating a backup. You can use the recovered data as evidence to remove that perpetrator from your company.

Increase Employee Performance

If you want to increase the performance of your workers, it is a great idea to inform them that you are monitoring their computers and cell phones. If they will be aware that their activities are being monitored, they will become more responsible and productive. The knowledge that their actions are being tracked all the time discourages them from becoming a part of misconduct. It inspires them to perform better and increase productivity.

Benefits of Spy on Phone & Computers of Your Employees

  • You can make sure safe practices are being followed.
  • It may help reduce the chances of theft.
  • It helps you identify where workload requires to be redistributed.
  • You can get to know about employees who are wasting time or cheating on you.
  • The app highlights where your team spend most of their time.
  • It helps you make sure your staff is productive and performing better.
  • You can know how they interact with your customers.

Is the Monitoring Software Helpful for Organizations?

The monitoring tool has plenty of features that help the organizations to spy on phone actions of their team. You can secretly control the mic of your targeted phone to record and listen to the voices and conversations. You can record and listen to their live voice and video calls with an accurate schedule.

You can spy their internet browsing activities, emails, text messages, instant messaging apps, social media accounts, and much more. It gives you access to their exchanged media, audio and voice memos, and many other things. The app sends the recorded data to the web control panel, so you can view it whenever you have time.


You must spy on phone of your employees to ensure they are trustworthy and productive.

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