How is oolong tea processed? What are the benefits of oolong tea?

Oolong tea is one of the rarest varieties of tea. This tea had originated in China and has a long and rich history. Oolong tea plants were grown and prized by ancient Chinese emperors. Even today, this variety of tea is prized for its many known health benefits around the world. Oolong tea also comes from the same plant from which we get black tea, white tea and green tea. This plant is called Camellia sinensis. Oolong tea is widely known for its many different health benefits of tea. You can buy just oolong tea or it also comes with some enhancements such as jasmine, orange blossoms and others. For the best flavours and blends, we recommend that you buy oolong tea online at Teafloor.

How is Oolong Tea Processed?

The process of manufacturing Oolong tea is done with utmost care. From the time it is picked until the time it is packaged oolong tea undergoes a careful hand process. This is also one of the reasons why oolong tea is expensive. For premium quality oolong tea at affordable rates, you can buy oolong tea online at teafloor.

Once the tea leaves are picked they are laid out to dry for a short amount of time. At this point, the oxidation process begins. The leaves are then placed in baskets and shaken in order to bruise them. This process exposes the juice of the leaves to the air and the oxidation process continues.  After the step, the leaves are laid out to dry for a second time which further oxidises the leaves from 20-80%. The oxidation levels depend on the type of final product desired. To halt the oxidation process, the leaves are fired. The leaves are then rolled and fired several more times. For finishing the processing, the leaves are completely cooled and then fired a final time to give the oolong tea the special flavour while reserving the healthful properties of the leaves.

What are the Benefits of Oolong Tea?

Numerous research studies have been conducted on the benefits of oolong tea and it has been found to have numerous antioxidants, vitamins and minerals along with polyphenols, which all fit into a healthful regimen. The Polyphenols present in oolong tea have the ability to remove free radicals, which are known for prematurely ageing the skin along with causing the dark spots associated with ageing. Oolong tea is also known for enhancing the function of enzymes. These enzymes are essential for dissolving triglycerides. Oolong tea has also been associated with an increase in the metabolic rate, which speeds up fat oxidation and the catechin polyphenols raise the rate that calories are burned in the body. This, in turn, means that oolong tea has the compounds in it to aid directly in weight loss. Some studies indicate that consumption of oolong tea can reduce blood pressure that will in turn help to prevent hypertension; this is because of its ability to use the fatty deposits in the body as fuel for energy.

Studies show that the caffeine present in oolong tea can help to increase stamina, which can help in an exercise regiment. Caffeine is also believed to stimulate the frontal cortex of the brain which aids in memory function and enhances the thought process. Oolong tea is also believed to reduce tooth decay and aid in speeding oral healing because of tannic acid that is present in the tea.

Thus with so many wonderful benefits of oolong tea, there is no reason why you mustn’t include this fine tea in your diets. You can easily get the best oolong tea delivered straight to your doorstep if you buy oolong tea online.

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