What is CTC tea and what are its benefits

Most teas are divided between CTC teas and Orthodox teas. While the Orthodox teas are more expensive, their CTC counterparts are rather pocket-friendly and the most consumed across the world. So what exactly is the difference between the two? Well, orthodox blends are loose leaf teas produced in traditional methods which involve plucking, rolling, fermentation or oxidation of tea leaves. CTC or Crush, Tear, Curl tea is a method of producing what we call black tea where leaves are passed through many cylindrical rollers with serrated blades that process the tea and shape them into even-shaped pellets. While orthodox tea focuses on preserving the virtues of the tea, CTC, is more about producing adequate tea to meet the market demands. Orthodox tea has a distinct flavor which has a lot of depth to it, they possess a delicate complexity which makes them very expensive. CTC tea is more for people on the go, it’s used for daily consumption and has some health benefits as well.

Some of the Health Benefits of CTC Tea are mentioned as follows:

•    It reduces the risk of heart attack: Like most teas, even CTC tea is healthy for the heart and thus prevents heart diseases and cardiac strokes.

•    It is less harmful to the body: because it has much fewer levels of caffeine compared to many other teas, it does not have hazardous effects on the health.

•    It helps in rejuvenating the body and mind: A nice cup of strong CTC tea, can completely re-energise the body and give it enough fuel to work further.

•    Helps in reducing anxiety: The aroma of CTC tea is very relaxing. A light brew of this tea can help people to relax and tone down the stress levels.

•    Reduces risk of heart diseases: Most people who suffer from heart diseases can easily consume CTTC tea without any hassle. It is very good for the heart and combats all types of heart problems. Helps keep the arteries and capillaries smooth and clot free.

•    A cup of CTC tea in the morning will help you revive: CTC is great for people who find it difficult to wake up in the morning and go to work. A good cup of this tea, early in the morning gives ample energy to the body and mind.

•    It is good for the teeth: This tea is very good for preventing plaque in teeth. Regular consumption of this tea will keep dental problems at bay.

•    It fights against infections: Since the CTC tea is rich in oxidants and other nutrients, it really helps in fighting different kinds of infections in the body.

•    Prevent cancer: To ward off cancer, all you need to do is to have one cup of CTC tea on a regular basis. The antioxidants in this tea, help in fighting cancer cells, making it an extremely easy preventative measure towards the deadly disease. CTC teas have a generic taste and produce dark, strong liquor has a distinct astringent flavor. If you want to have masala chai or want to add milk to tea, then CTC is the best. Since Orthodox teas give an authentic flavor, they are highly priced in the beverage market across the globe. CTC teas do give the right flavor but they are much affordable. If you are on the lookout for the best CTC teas, which are better than the average packaged tea in the market, then you must check out Teafloor.com. They have a vareity of CTC tea which is definitely, bang for your buck.

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