How Temperature Monitoring Tech will help COVID-19 Mass Screening?

Pandemic, a word which was once limited to sci-fi movies and shows, is now becoming a new normal. Now that India has crossed 1.04 million mark in number of cases (at the time of writing this article), COVID-19 has now become a clear threat to our lives. With change in lifestyle, economy and culture over the last five decades, it is cleared that COVID-19 isn’t the last pandemic we will ever survive in our lives.

The Role of Temperature Monitoring in Mass Screening for COVID-19

On one side, medical science is working hard and fast to conduct tests and develop vaccines as soon as possible against those novel viruses. The temperature monitoring system and other instrumentation technologies are not far behind to help track and contain the infection, on the other side. High fever is one of the common symptoms of this virus. The major issue here is that most of the population in the country is asymptomatic until they get tested for the virus.

Mass screening and detection is soon going to be a reality for containment of not just the existing virus but also for the safety of everyone. It will also help as a measure to prepare and prevent the spread rather than being unaware. This is where instrumentation technologies, including thermal and infrared cameras, temperature monitoring and robotics can help.

Today’s temperature monitoring system is smart enough to detect and monitor people in large areas. It won’t just improve awareness but also control the infection. The key here is to use an efficient alarm system with temperature range. It should be able to trigger alarms at several points once it tracks the subject. It should be accurate enough to never miss any target and identify between organic, human and animal targets. It uses imagery or videos for real time analysis and monitoring. Here are some of the benefits of using temperature monitoring system –

  • Real-time detection of high temperature in the body

 Temperature monitoring system can easily detect increased temperature within a second. It provides real-time details to the businesses or premises where the infected person is entering. As discussed, high fever is the common symptom of Coronavirus. Hence, businesses can easily prevent sick people entering their offices and prevent the spread of infection.

  • Protect visitors, staff and suppliers

 Protecting staff is the top priority for a lot of businesses especially when offices have been permitted to reopen across the nation after lockdown. Temperature monitoring has come as a great help for your visitors and staff. It is also vital to boost staff productivity and morale. It assures the staff members that their co-workers are safe and they will be more relaxed and relieved. It can stop the spread of infection and also save your lost work hours which can recover the cost of any technology.

  • User-friendly and automated technology

Temperature monitoring technologies also use AI for quick and accurate screening on several people at the same time. Some businesses may use their own thermometers but it is very tiring and time-consuming and is also ineffective. It also requires someone to test another person by standing in front of them. Hence, it also voids social distancing requirements. On the other side, temperature screening technology can easily screen maximum 30 people within a second. So, it is the best choice for businesses with huge traffic. The cameras can be mounted on a tripod or fixed. So, this testing process is very effective. The world-class monitoring station alerts the businesses when someone with fever enters the premises.

  • Relieves people of fear

Since lockdowns have been lifted by the government and businesses are allowed to reopen, most people have fears of the virus which will live for a long time. It is always important to implement a temperature monitoring system if your business can’t run without customers in your store. Temperature screening tech can be noticed easily at the entrance. It shows that you are serious about their safety.

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