Aatma Nirbhar- The New Cool!

Well Guys, as we are Indians we know our rich culture and tradition and our families, have always inculcated values in ourselves generations after generations. And this word “Aatma Nirbhar” actually means “ Self Dependent”. Think about this word just for a minute without having any opinion. Yes, my friends, we have come across this word every single time right from our childhood. We are always taught to be self-dependent whether it is to do some work, to be at school, to give a college entrance, to crack an interview or to get married, well no one can do anything on our behalf it’s us who have to and should do everything for ourselves. Ever heard of someone that let’s get married on someone else’s behalf, no right, same with ever heard our parents saying let me go to school on your behalf and attend classes on your behalf no again. Well yes this is true if we want to live our lives and we want to grow or we want stability or we want anything we should be Aatma Nirbhar, my friends.

Narendra Modi Ji’s Speech

And this is also recently said by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be Aatma Nirbhar and about Aatmanirbhar package in a Video Conference Live to the Country. Whether it is you or whether it is this country we all can be self-dependent and yes this is just possible by few reforms and now there is a new fire burning in everyone and it is not of any issue or incident or any calamity but yes my friends it is of hope, of self Sustainability. All Modi Ji meant it lets make things in India and use it in India and by that he doesn’t mean not to use technology or something or demean anyone’s product. Well yes due to the lockdown may of us have learned or are learning that we can do it even if we thought we couldn’t. Yes, my friends we actually thought of some things which we may never do but we are doing it due to the lockdown or maybe because we are not let with any other option or maybe because it is the question of our safety. Let’s join our hands now to bow but to be Self Dependent because we know that we can!

The Pandemic Situation and the New Cool Together

Already the country is suffering from the Pandemic Corona Virus and we all are together in this because this virus doesn’t see the gender, age, rich or poor, state or city, it is deadly and there is no vaccination or Antidote made for this till now and yes my friends we always wish that a Hollywood Movie, we deal with this situation and find the vaccination soon. And again just like our Bollywood Movies, there is a Happy Ending to this Pandemic and to this Lockdown and it’s we who win and not the virus. And let’s not just follow the trend of this New Cool “Being Aatma Nirbhar” but let’s follow it because this is what will keep us going forward and get a better and safer tomorrow. So let’s do this not for anyone else but for us and only us i.e. your own self.

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