How To Build Stone Steps At Home?

Do you want to improve the look of your house? You need a bit of patience and a step-by-step procedure to follow. And you may carve out a beautiful set of stone steps on your own. You just need a small slope on your property. 

Choose What Stones You Require 

Make sure that you have chosen the right type of stone. Make sure that you go with the ideal depth of the step. It would be ideal if it remains in between 12” and 18”. Go with an ideal stone coming up in between 6” and 7” to have an ideal rise. Natural Stone Pavers say that you should make the bottom step wide in comparison to others so that it would look quite nice.

Here, it needs to mention that the block system is designed in a way so that it could easily be assembled. The system comes up with both 6-in and 3-in thick blocks having a variety of widths. Moreover, a variety of shades available to go with. 

Make sure that the stone you are going to use must be flat as well as heavy enough to place under foot traffic. A 3-foot-wide set of stone steps is regarded as ideal to fit and quite easy to build. The top surface and leading edges would be visible when the project is accomplished. It is quite essential to wedge stones to make sure that they are stable. 

Buy Beautiful Stone Step 

The new age market is overwhelmed with several options. You do not only get the beautiful stone step but incredible too. Natural Stone Pavers say that you may also go with more rugged oriented stone which could be a bit bumpy or uneven. This kind of stone looks amazing and beautiful. Rest you may also choose the ones which go with your taste or the way your home has been designed.

Once you have decided that the stone you want then you may go ahead with designing your staircase. Make sure that your staircase should be safe as well as easy to go up and down. Whether it is a child or elder, it should be comfortable for them. 

Material Options 

Though there are many options available, you may consider the option of modular wall blocks and stones steps since they are designed to easily fit together. The interlocking system may differ from manufacturer to manufacture. There are a variety of options in styles and colors available to go with.

Measure The Height 

The next thing you need to do is measuring the height from a level. You may go with the option of 16 inches for each tread and 6-7 inches regarding each riser. 

Laying Your Steps 

The next thing you need to go with is making sure that the face of the step you are going to create is a bit lower in comparison to the back of the step. According to experts, a good half or full inch would be good to go. Moreover, the rest will be settled within a year or two. It will make water runoff each step down to the bottom so that water will get drained easily. You would be having enough space behind each step once you go with the next step.  

Determine The Step Size 

You need to calculate the vertical, as well as the horizontal distance for the steps, and you need to come up with the number of steps along with the height and depth of each step. An ideal formula of height and depth is twice the rise plus which may run equal 25 to 27 inches. 

Choose and Cut The Stones 

The next thing you need to do is select and fit the stones regarding the treads and riser. Stones should cut in a sophisticated manner making ideal marking. A carpenter can do this in an ideal way using a pencil, hammer. If you are going to cut stone then you need to make sure that you have to wear gloves and safety goggles in the right manner.

To prepare the base on which you would be allowed to set your first stone, you are supposed to come up with an idea that the area must be a bit higher level in comparison to the area around it. This way is important so that it could be drained in a sophisticated manner. If you are one of them contemplating that the area might not drain easily then you may install a drain tile. You should do it in practice to make sure that water is draining completely.

Lay The Pavers 

If you are going to build it on your own then you may dig out the path area 9 in below the top step and then fill it with two 3 inch layers of gravel. Now, you need to level the second layer just randomly. Then dump a 1-inch layer of sand over the gravel so that it gets smoothened using 1-inch steel pipes. You need to remove that pipe then and do fill that pipe grooving with sand. You may also go ahead to smoothing the edges using a trowel. The next thing you need to do is staggering the joints. In the end, you need to nail the plastic edging to the gravel. 

What To Do If Run Is Not Comfortable 

Once you determine the number of steps you want, you may go ahead to divide your entire run length following the number of steps. In case if running seems a bit uncomfortable between steps because of any reason then you may go ahead with the option of adding a landing within your staircase. 

You would need different tools while building stone steps at home such as Level, Safety Glasses, Spade, Wheelbarrow, Line Level, Dust Mask, etc. 

In The Last 

So, what are you waiting for? Add beauty to your dream home building stone steps at home. Make sure that you are going to take guidance from Natural Stone Pavers since they do have huge experience in this regard.

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