IPL Postponed in India After COVID-19

IPL or Indian premier league is a cricket competition tournament .Its is organized by BCCI from last 12 years. First IPL season was organized in 2008.It is one of the Massive cricket festivals held over the world. Many International players from all cricket clubs and countries participates every year in this tournament.

Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Delhi Mohali e.t.c are many  teams who participated in all IPL seasons.IPL gives opportunity to new young players to show their talent and skills. it is 20-20 over game. Every match completes in 3-4 hours. IPL has big brand value and Fan Following according to the last years report it was 475 billion. Most of the cricket fans were waiting for this year season to watch their favorite cricket players and teams but the outbreak of Covid-19. Last year Mumbai Indians won the IPL trophy.

IPL Format

It is always exciting to watch team rivals and also fan rivalries. The game format in short in most of the IPL seasons is with eight teams participating, each team plays each other twice in a home-and-away round-robin format in the league phase which means every team plays on home ground and oppositions ground .the figure of matches most of the time equal. At the conclusion of the league stage, the top four teams will qualify for the playoffs. when 4 teams enters in semifinal the winner of first two team enter in final but the losing team doesn’t go out of tournament .they get second chance to play with winner of third and fourth team so this is one of a different rule from other tournaments.

2020  IPL

In 2020 as well cricket fans were waiting for this cricket festival with full Enthusiasm and dedication as IPL in India is not just a Game but a Craze too but because of corona virus Pandemic attack, BCCI took the decision to postponed the tournament for the betterment of all. IPL 2020, which was scheduled to start on March 29, Initially it was suspended until May 30 and Suddenly Indian government announced 21-day lock down to fight with the Covid-19 pandemic. All the transportation, shops, function, tournaments are restricted by government. BCCI was thinking to arrange IPL in other country but it is very difficult cause of current situation and safety of people comes first and then entertainment and business.

Most of the countries are stuck by lock down and it is unavoidable. BCCI has not taken any decision but is definitely postponed and all the Fans and the players have to go by it and wait for the Pandemic to get over. It is expected to be organized in the later part of the year say september-october, Only if situation improves otherwise it will be just postponed to next year and none of us want that. Not only IPL but other tournaments have also been postponed due to the same reason. Had it been IPL not a live game but a series then it could have been shooted earlier and telecasted during the lockdown but it being a live game, there is nothing can be done so all the Crazy fans have to wait for the Pandemic to get over and till then stay safe and stay Home.

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