Israel VS Hamas still continous as UN delays Vote

On the Street of Gaza, the view is not so pleasent to see as we see many palestines gatheribg outside a house in Gaza where the Israels striked and burned the house.

Gaza, the secont biggest city faced another fight where the Hamas Militants and Israeli troops fought gunbattles on the street on Wednesday as UN delays the Vote on a bid to boast Aid for palestine.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, Israel’s campaign to eradicate the Hamas Militants since October 7th Massacare has left the city in widespread hunger and homelessness. Nearly 20,000 Gazans have been killed so far and the costal enclave has been completely ruined.

Israeli Prime Minister said that the war will not stop untill the 129 hostages in Gaza are released. Its been over two months and the war still continues and the common citizens are suffering the most.

15 Member council was supposed to vote on tuesday but US and UAE struggle to agree on  language citing a cessation of hostilities and a proposal to set up U.N. aid monitoring.

The War has not only crossed Gaza but has reached Red Sea and Yemen too with the Missile and Drone shots. Some shippers are rerouting through Africa and the British Maritime security reported that they have recieved a report of an unsuccessful boarding attempt at Adent Post City in Yemen.

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