Ola Electric Scooter launched at a price of Rs 99,999

The much-awaited Ola electric scooter has been launched by the brand on the 15th of August, Sunday. The S series comprises the S1 and S1 Pro e-scooters. The S1 model will start at a price of Rs 99,999 and the S1 Pro model will start at a price of Rs 129,999.

ola scooter

Launch of the Ola two-wheelers

The company has managed to secure over 1 lakh bookings for the e-scooters just within 24 hours of their launch. Ola is positive that they will be successful in meeting the production demands of the scooters within the next few months.

Ola E-scooter price in all the states:

State Cost of S1 model Cost of S1 Pro model
Delhi Rs 85,099 Rs 110,149
Gujarat Rs 79,999 Rs 109,999
Rajasthan Rs 89,968 Rs 119,138
Maharashtra Rs 94,999 Rs 124,999
Other states Rs 99,999 Rs 129,999

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Production of the Ola E-scooter

Ola will reportedly manufacture the e-scooters in their plant in Krishnagiri which is in Tamil Nadu. The company is sure that they will achieve a production capacity of 1 million vehicles very soon. The customers will be able to purchase the brand new vehicles from 8th September. The deliveries for the same will begin in the month of October across the cities.

Variants of the Two-wheeler

The company will release the Ola electric scooter in three different variants. The customers can avail the vehicle that suits their needs the best.

Type Motor Top Speed
Basic 2kW 45kmph
Mid 4kW 70kmph
Top-end 7kW 95kmph

ola electric scooter

Ola Electric Scooter and its key features

The Ola electric scooter will reportedly come with a complete electric range of 150km. When it comes to the total charging time, the two-wheeler demands a total time of two and a half hours. During this time range, the scooter can charge from zero to 100% whilst being charged in a charging station. Moreover, the battery will charge up to 50% just in a matter of 18 minutes if it is charged from a hyper charging station.

However, it will take five and a half hours to get fully charged from a normal plug at home. The scooter will notify the driver through the app after being completely charged.

Some more important features of the Ola electric scooter include:

  • 7-inch wide touch screen display with traffic and navigation features.
  • 4G connectivity that enables the option of handling phone calls.
  • Comes with the ‘Find my Scooter’ feature.
  • In-built speakers.
  • Comes with four ‘moods’ namely: bolt, vintage, care, and wonder. These ‘moods’ change the sound of the vehicle.
  • The scooter informs the owner and the service center in case of any irregularity.

CEO Bhavesh Aggarwal’s statement regarding the newly launched two-wheelers

In acknowledgment of the newly launched S series of the Ola electric scooter, CEO and founder Bhavesh Aggarwal said, “The S1 and S1 Pro are industry-leading products with best in class range, speed, and cost. We have seen demand for this vehicle from everywhere, and obviously from the bigger cities as well, as scooter is an urban mobility product.”

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