Khalsa Panth Celebrating Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Gurupurab on 29th December 2022

Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Sikh’s 10 Guru Ji ‘s birth Anniversary is celebrated on 29th December 2022. Today Is his 356th birthday. Sikhishm known to be the youngest religion and always come forward to help others irrespective of the Religion, Cast and Creed. This day is known to be very auspicious in the Sikh Community. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was born in 1723 Samvat in the month of Pausha.


Significance of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Jayanti


Guru Gobind Singh Ji was declaired the 10th Guru of Sikhs in the year 1675 when he was only 9 years old after his father Guru Tegh Bahar Ji (9th Guru of the Sikh’s) was beheaded by Aurangzed for not accepting Islam. Guru Gobind Singh ji was born in Patna, Bihar to Fathe Guru Tegh Bahadar Ji and Mother Mata Gujri Ji. The Place where he was born is now a Gurudwara Takht Shri Patna Sahib in Bihar. Many devotes visit the Sikh Temple on a daily basis to pray. It is one of the Historical Gurudwara and also one out of the five Sikh takhats.

History of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

In 1670 Guru Gobind Singh Ji along with his family moved to Punjab and in the year 1672 he moved to aother place in the Himalays called as Chak Nanaki in Shivakil Hills which is currently called as Anandpur Sahib where he took his education. He is known to take Persion and Sanskrit lessons and also learnt military skills to be a warrior.


He was the one who found “Khalsa Panth”, who strictly followed a spiritual discipline under his guidance and supervision. Apart from his spirituality, he was also known to be a great poet and writer and Guru Gobind Singh Ji declared “Guru Granth Sahib Ji” as the Holy Book of Sikh’s in the year 1709 prior to his death.

Celebration on The Guru Gobind Singh Ji Jayanti


Many evotees which are not just Sikhs but other religions too visit gurudwara to pray, recite Kirtan which are his teachings and distribute langar to celebrate this auspicious day. Many Gurudwaras are decorated with lights and candle and people extend their greetings to each other and people always remember the scared Khalsa Vani which was formed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji “Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh”

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