Most Popular Games Played During Lockdown 2020 in India

Well, as we all know India is going through lockdown due to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona Virus). Many companies have given Work from Home and all the schools and colleges are closed. The economy is also affected but still, the Government has taken this step so that all of us can be safe. And now that everyone is at home in the Lockdown, there are many things one can do and one of them is playing games online on Mobile or Laptop as one cannot go and meet your friends. And as per the sources, the no. of users of mobile games has increased by 250% during the lockdown. Let’s see some of the most popular games played by people during Lockdown.

  1. Ludo King

Nowadays we can see Ludo is a game which is not we can play as a physical board or something, now it can be played on mobile online too. We can connect with our family or friends who are staying in different places or probably different cities. They have also given chatting facilities in the game itself. It’s a fun game & chatting facility makes the online Ludo more interesting. It’s even a good time pass game that connects family & friends together in this lockdown session.


  1. Pub-G Mobile Lite

Pub-G is again in trend nowadays due to lockdown. Even before lockdown, it was one of the most played games of 2020 and due to lockdown, it has increased more. Half of the young population we see is all busy with Pub-G which makes gamers feel like an army. This is a game mostly preferred by youth, connecting friends & having fun. But if we see keeping aside the fun factor, it’s a game more of unity & understanding between team members & winning the virtual chicken dinner with your gang. It’s more of an interactive game where one helps his team member & takes the game to an end & winning the same.


  1. Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike is again somewhat the same as PubG but one always says, old is Gold and the same is the case with this Game. The first release was done in 2000 and from the last 20 years, it is there and is always making it interesting in every release and update. In this game also there are two rival teams running behind one another to kill the attraction of this game as per the users it is a headshot. Again the game is of Unity & understanding between the team members & how sharp you think & attack the rival team members. The game is a good time pass & winning ultimately feels like you are the real shotgun player. Again this game is more famous among youngsters.

   4.Clash of Clans (COC)

COC is all about joining or creating of Clans, building your empire & attacking the rival parties with your team & defending your empire from being attacked by rivals. But it is said this game is famous not only for building an empire and attacking the rival but also for the music it plays in the background. Basically it is a strategic game where you make different strategies for attacking others & saving your village & enlarging your empire. This game has been played on the international level even one of the teams has made an open challenge. If any of the teams defend them they will be giving some X amount to that team.

  1. Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool is one of the games which one can play with their family & friends online sitting home & keeping social distance more like Ludo. Carrom has been there for a long time from generation to generation and it has also moved to the Digital platform and due to the lockdown, this game has seen a lot of user increase. This keeps people busy & enjoying the lockdown period with family as well. Carrom has been one of the old games & people know how to play so this game will create fun not for only youngsters but for all aged people.


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