Naseeruddin Shah’s Son Vivaan turns 34 Today!

Happy New Year Actor Vivaan Shah is turning 34 on 11th Jan 2024. The Actor made his debut with Sat Khoon Maf opposite Priyanka Chopra. He is the youngest son of Actor Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah.

Vivaan is the cute little guy we saw in Happy New Year but in real life, Vivaan loves to be with his friends and family and he is a people’s person.He loves eating Non-Vegetarian food and is a very active person on Social Media.

Glenda Jackson was Vivaan’s favorite actress and on her deathday, Vivaan also shared a post on Instagram stating how amazing she was and her work too.

Vivaan Shah does many plays at his father’s theatre in Bombay where he has learnt acting. His biggest role model is his father Naseerudin Shah. The actor always talks about working with Shah Rukh Khan in Happy New Year has been so inspiring for him since he has learnt so many life lessons from him too.

Not Only he is an Actor but also a Novelist and a Theatre person, 3 in one is Vivaan Shah.Knwon for his iconic communication skills, Vivaan is one of the finest upcoming actors of the industry.When we talk about him being a Novelist, Vivaan has written three books till now named The Forsaken Wilderness, Midnight Freeway and Living Hell.

Great Fan of Cricket and comes from a family of passion and artists.Since his childhood, he had passion for writing and use to write comic books in his boarding school name The Doon School. Vivaan has a thing for collecting handicrafts and art works and really appreciates modern art paintings.

Roumers has it that Vivaan Shah is dating Akshara Hassan, younger daughter of Kamal Hassan. We wish Vivaan Shah a Very Happy Birthday!

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