Revolutionary Digital Marketing Trends Of 2021

Digital Marketing Trends of 2021 – Digital marketing is reshaping the publicity and marketing domain. The all-pervading reach of the Internet, the proliferation of electronic devices, and the ever-increasing digital dependency are probably the most significant factors that gradually lead to digital marketing’s dominance in recent times.

As the Internet becomes akin to a parallel universe for us, digital marketing is becoming THE primary mode of publicity, promotion and advertising for business of all kinds.

Some Startling Stats for Digital Marketing Trends Of 2021

The numbers below will help you understand the exponentially increasing popularity and demand for digital marketing.

  • 66 billion Active Internet users exist as of January 2021. The current world population is 7.83 billion.
  • 22 billion Unique mobile users are there currently.
  • 20 billion active social media users use the Internet to communicate & connect worldwide.
  • The Internet population is growing at an annualized rate of 7 percent, which equals an average of 875,000 new users each day.
  • More than 490 million new users joined social media since January 2020, which amounts to 1.3 million unique users every day.
  • Roughly two-thirds of the world population have access to smartphones and easy access to the Internet.

Instantaneous access to such a rich & diverse population offers ripe opportunities for aggressive & efficacious digital marketing campaigns. From essay writing services to companies providing enterprise ML solutions, any business is employing digital marketing to engage, connect and convert faster & better.

Here are some more numbers from HubSpot that reveal some astounding insight into digital marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization is found to be a better sales generator than Pay Per Click.
  • Global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion in value by 2021.
  • 51% of online buyers do research online before taking making a decision.
  • 59% of all shoppers consider the ability to shop in mobile as a prominent factor in brand selection.
  • 64% of marketers invest in SEO to boost sales and optimize mobile performance

The above data points are concrete pieces of evidence of the potency of digital marketing.

The roadmap of formulating effective digital marketing that connects unanimously is a significant challenge, however. Requiring careful research and proper planning, one needs to be aware of the latest trends, techniques, technologies, and strategies to conduct an effective digital marketing campaign.

To that end, here are some of the most raging trends in digital marketing today that no marketing professional can afford to miss.

Dominating Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

The digital marketing trends compiled below change the way business disperse information, communicate with their customers and publicize their services online. Let’s take a look.

  1. Customer Trust Issues

Consumer behavior has undergone drastic changes. The proliferation of online businesses and seamless connectivity have changed demands and expectations. Brands are implementing automation on a large scale to meet ever-increasing needs.

customer trust issue in digital marketing

As more and more consumer data goes online, information privacy is now a key concern.

  • Brands are now focusing on better and more secure data handling than ever. Treating customer data with respect is one of the critical objectives of online businesses across different sectors.
  • Data shared on landing pages, online forms or any other digital means need to be stored, used, and hands with the utmost care to build an ever-lasting relationship built on trust.
  • User privacy regulations are bound to impact marketing strategies. Businesses should modify their existing or mold new strategies accordingly.

Data handling transparency and two-way value exchange are prominent trends in digital marketing today, as thousands of online businesses are incorporating them in their marketing strategies.

  1. Marketing Automation

Another major marketing trend that’s gripping the marketing world is industry level automation. The advent of cloud & edge computing, advances in process automation, the rise of machine learning, and many other technological advances have made industry-wide marketing automation a reality.

Marketing Automation in digital marketing trends of 2021

  • Automation enhances the user experience and allows a business to customize customer journeys, making them more dynamic and fluid.
  • Marketing automation makes it possible for consumers to enjoy seamless UX across different platforms and multiple devices.
  • Inbuilt business analytics functionalities allow businesses to gain insightful information about their consumers from their data. Such knowledge will enable them to determine the ROI of some marketing campaign and make better-informed strategic decisions.

67% of all marketing leaders leverage the power of marketing automation and data science to connect deeper, engage better, generate more leads, deliver personalized content and achieve surefire conversions.

Marketing automation is a powerful tool that’s rapidly evolving and is the way forward for digital marketing in 2021 & beyond.

  1. Video Marketing

One of the most engaging marketing formats ever, the potency & popularity of video marketing is evident from their proliferation across social networking & video sharing platforms.  Incorporating videos as a promotional tool should be a primary concern for any digital marketing professional.

Here are some stats that’ll reveal the true reach & connect of online videos.

  • 70% of consumers say that they shared a video of a brand online.
  • 72% of businesses claim higher conversion rates after implementing videos marketing.
  • 52% of consumers state that product videos boost their confidence

Videos are still the best way to learn more about something and remain that way for years to come. Whether it’s a pre-video ad on YouTube or live product promotion on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, video marketing is anywhere and everywhere.

Live videos, video SEO, 360-degree aspect content and short-form videos have become a staple of numerous digital marketing campaigns of businesses all around.

Social networking platforms are fertile grounds for conducting aggressive targeted marketing campaigns. Extensive research to determine the best ways to engage the social media population reveals short-form videos as the rising trend across every central social networking platform.

  • The ever-decreasing attention span of the average human being and the love of all things quick & catchy make short-form videos hugely popular amongst the masses.
  • Short and exciting videos that deliver essential information and spread brand awareness in a carefree tone connect with audiences instantaneously.
  • Businesses should conduct careful research to determine the nature of information, the promotional pitch and the effective duration of these short-form videos.

Marketers should determine how best to communicate the brand purpose, product & service values and add in a CTA in a snappy & succinct manner through these mini videos.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

AI is revolutionizing industries and reinventing processes all around. Adopted by sectors all over, AI implementation is the ultimate ticket to the future of business all over.

Enterprises and entrepreneurship are implementing AI and automation to connect better and deliver better value to customers.

  • AI is fast becoming the driving force behind marketing campaigns and a key component of several promotional tools & avenues.
  • Conversational marketing through chatbots, programmatic advertising, automation, etc. – AI, machine learning and data science are changing how businesses interact with their customers.

AI is making perfectly optimized and truly personalized marketing solutions a reality by feeding off of consumer data & studying their behavior. Brands can meet customers on their terms and relay offers, information, brand stories in a truly engaging manner.

  • Virtual AI assistants are capable of human-like interaction and can offer tailor-made functionalities to every user. These AI bots are overshooting customer expectations and taking them on an engaging & personalize journey.
  • Machine learning-powered Ad optimization is another result-oriented implementation of AI in digital marketing. Managing complex ad targeting and delivering pitch-perfect recommendations, ML ad optimization is picking up pace fast.

The marvels of AI, machine learning and data analytics allow businesses to carry out targeted digital marketing in the most impressive & persuasive manner possible.

  1. Cloud Marketing

If the online retailing behemoth Amazon (the world’s biggest online retail company with a market capitalization of 1233 billion dollars) is anything to go by, cloud and edge solutions can be the perfect complement for digital marketing.

Cloud marketing

More and more businesses are collaborating with reliable cloud solution companies (such as Amazon’s very own Web Services) for

  • Higher productivity
  • Better connectivity
  • Flexibility
  • Convenience
  • Reliable Security
  • Instant and accurate analytics
  • Seamless accessibility
  • Mobility and much more

Cloud computing, AI, automation and analytics are gradually becoming vital influencing factors for digital marketing strategies across every sector.

Well, that’s all the space we have for today. Those were some of the most influential digital marketing trends of 2021 to date, which can bring about landscape changes in the way businesses interact with their audience.

As we progress into the future, expect these trends to dominate and revolutionize the industry drastically!

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