Should You Choose Dedicated Server for Web Applications? Find Out Why!

Are you thinking of moving your web application to better hosting? Well, you should not just choose any hosting plan. As an existing owner, you would be well aware of the areas that are limiting the performance. Now it is time to make the right choice so that your expectations of better performance are met. Dedicated server hosting plans offer features that will suffice the technical needs of a web application. 

About Dedicated Server for Web Applications

In a dedicated hosting arrangement, the hosting provider supplies a physical server that is meant exclusively for your website. Unlike shared hosting, where there are thousands of websites hosted on a single web server, in dedicated hosting, there is no sharing of computing resources. In technical terms, the CPU, RAM, storage space, bandwidth, IP addresses will not be used by any other site as the only website hosted on the server is yours. There are a host of other reasons why web application owners prefer this hosting.

Secure Hardware Access

Only the hosting provider and you will be accessing the physical server on which the website will reside. The physical server is kept secure in a data center where are there are strict security arrangements. Whether it is physical access or application access, everything is monitored. So, there would be cameras at the data center, security checks, and biometric access control and other arrangements to ensure that physical hardware is secure. 

Dedicated Application Access

A dedicated server hosting means that hardware, as well as the application resources, are meant to be used by only your website. The operating system will not be shared by anyone else. No one can access the system remotely to change the applications. If your web application needs better security at the application level, dedicated hosting is the best choice. 

Bandwidth Only to Server, Your Website Visitors

All the bandwidth that you are going to lease will be meant only for your website. It means that none of the site visitors will bounce due to unavailable bandwidth resources. If there were other sites on the server, they would have consumed the bandwidth to serve the needs of their visitors. There is a possibility that you are left with no bandwidth to serve your visitors. 

Ample Processing Resources

When a visitor visits your web application and performs any action, the webserver will have to fetch it and then serve. It would require computing power, and in dedicated server hosting, it is available only to you. In other forms of hosting, when other websites are there on the server, the computing power is divided, which could delay the processing of requests. 

No Uptime Issues

When the webserver is serving only one web application, there are minimal chances that the server will have any hardware or software issues. In a webserver where there are many websites hosted, there are more chances of hardware or software issues. However, these issues are non-existent in dedicated hosting what it means that your website will be up and running throughout the year. There will not be any performance issues or technical issues making the site unavailable for even seconds. 

Control the Applications

Now that you have control of the hardware, you can decide which applications should be there on the server. Which site management tools you are going to use will not be affected by the websites on the server because there are not any. In this way, you will not be limited to pre-configured applications that come with the webserver or the tools that are offered by the best hosting service providers. You will not have to wait for anyone to get these tools and can start to work immediately.

Better Prepared to Handle any Disaster

Disaster can occur in the form of hacking for the webserver if hackers could find a loophole to attack your website. Else, it could also be there in the form of a natural disaster. In either situation, dedicated hosting is better. There are no sites other than yours, and the physical hardware is also located in a safe location.

Final Verdict,

Dedicated server hosting is the best solution for web applications. There will never be any fight for the resources, and the systems are always up.


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