Health Benefits of Pineapple, a rich source of Vitamins

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that had originated in South America. It is a part of the Bromeliaceae family and belongs to the Ananas genus. Along with the super-sweet taste, pineapple also contains numerous amounts of advantages. In this article, we will throw light on some of the most significant health benefits of pineapple.

But before diving into the benefits, let us first take a look at its nutritional composition.

Nutritional Composition of Pineapple per 100g
Calories 50
Carbohydrates 13g
Sugar 10g
Total fats 0.1g
Dietary Fiber 1.4g
Iron 1% of the daily intake
Sodium 1mg
Protein 0.5g
Magnesium 3% of the daily intake
Potassium 109mg
Vitamin C 79% of the daily intake
Calcium 1% of the daily intake

Health Benefits of Pineapple

  1. Health benefits of Pineapple: Powerful source of antioxidants

Our body deals with a condition called oxidative stress. During this state, numerous amounts of free radicals are present in the body. These free radicals present in the body damages the cells. This in turn leads to chronic and harmful diseases such as inflammation, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, etc. It even deteriorates the overall functioning of the immune system.

However, this is when the benefits of pineapple come into the equation. Pineapple is an extremely powerful source of antioxidants. These antioxidants thereby aid in battling against oxidative stress. Hence, pineapple helps in keeping the immune system strong. This directly leads to steering clear of chronic and deadly diseases.


  1. Makes the Body Less Prone to Cancer

As mentioned in the above point, it is now clear that oxidative stress leads to several persistent diseases. Moreover, these diseases have been connected with the development of cancerous cells in the body. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain. Research has proven that along with bromelain, all the other compounds present in pineapple aid in decreasing the possibility of cancer. This is due to the fact that pineapple assists in lessening the levels of oxidative stress in the body.

Health Benefits of Pineapple

  1. Helps in the Process of Digestion

The bromelain group of enzymes present in pineapple plays a key role in this process. Bromelain helps in breaking down the protein molecules into more minuscule pieces. As a result, it helps the small intestine in absorbing the molecules more swiftly. Moreover, it is quite clear that the smaller the pieces, the better the absorption. Due to this reason, the food gets easily processed and digested by the body. And hence, a smooth process of digestion gets ensured.


  1. Plays the role of an Immunity Booster

Pineapple contains several types of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and many other nutritious components. Due to this reason, it has been incorporated in the process of making familial medicines for ages. All these nutrients altogether have proved to enhance an individual’s immune system. Moreover, it also ensures protection against several variants of infections and viruses.


  1. Helps in the Strengthening of Bones

Some of the most important nutrients for good bone density are calcium, zinc, magnesium, and copper. As a matter of fact, pineapple is a rich source of all these nutrients. Hence, the consumption of pineapple every day will strengthen the bones. It will also help in enhancing its density.


  1. Comprises anti-aging Characteristics & Keeps the Skin Healthy

Pineapple is a full package of vitamin C and antioxidants. Both these nutrients contribute towards fighting skin conditions such as acne, sunburn, and wrinkles. This is due to the fact that pineapple helps in the survival of the cells for a longer period of time. It also keeps the skin hydrated and adds an extra touch of glow and smoothness to it. Hence, this is why it is considered to be one of the most useful health benefits of pineapple.

Health Benefits of Pineapple

  1. Makes the Teeth Whiter & Stronger

Calcium and manganese are very essential for the healthy condition of the teeth. As a matter of fact, pineapple contains both these nutrients in sufficient amounts. Hence, eating pineapple every day can help in the strengthening of the gums. It will also improve the overall condition of the teeth and bones.


  1. Improves Eyesight & Helps in Avoiding Visual Impairment

Macular degeneration is a type of eye disease that affects an individual’s vision with age. However, eating pineapple regularly has been proven to be quite helpful in decreasing the possibility of this disease. Moreover, the healthy amount of vitamin C and antioxidants in pineapple also play a key role in improving eyesight. Hence, one of the most significant health benefits of pineapple is its ability to treat eye conditions.

Finally, we have reached the end of this very resourceful article. Simultaneously, we have covered some of the most useful health benefits of pineapple. Hence, the above-listed benefits guarantee that pineapple is extremely helpful in attaining a healthy lifestyle.


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