Splitting of Kia Seltos into half in an unfortunate Kia Seltos Accident

On June 11 2021, a very hazardous and unfortunate accident took place on the Chhindwara – Nagpur highway which led to the splitting of a Kia Seltos into half. The accident stirred up chaos and confusion among the public after going viral on social media, since it is not very common to see a car split into two halves in an accident.

Many people questioned if it were the rescuers using cutters which caused the splitting of Kia Seltos into half in order to save the people trapped inside, but the police confirmed that it was indeed the accident that caused the splitting and it is unlikely that any rescue worker would take the risk of cutting open the floor to save the passengers as the fuel tanks are situated just below the seat.

kia seltos accident in 2 pieces

According to the report regarding the accident by Cardekho, the splitting of Kia Seltos into half started from the B-pillar to the C-pillar of the driver’s side.

The bizarre incident had some major repercussions with extreme casualties. The car had five occupants out of which three on the rear seat had lost their lives immediately after the accident. The two people on the passenger’s and driver’s seat were Neelam Jaiswal and Sachin Jaiswal, who were massively injured but somehow managed to survive the accident. Both of them were later transferred to the Nagpur Medical College and Hospital.


The police inspector in charge, RR Dubey of the Saunsar police confirmed that the car was travelling at a high speed on the two lane NH-547 during the time of the crash.

The statement taken from one of the survivors asserts that the main reason the accident took place was because the driver was trying to save a biker who all of a sudden appeared from a dirty side road onto the main road. The driver swerved and turned away from the road but there was a bridge ahead and so in order to get back on the main road, he took an unexpected right turn. However, the turn did not go as planned and the car ended up colliding with the bridge which therefore resulted into the splitting of Kia Seltos into half.

Such type of swerving demands high skills and reflexes or else incidents like these occur which is a result of lack of control while speeding evolving into a side impact. It is important to mention that the Kia Seltos involved in the accident is an older version which lacked some safety features and is currently discontinued.

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