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Subhash Ghai : The Legend turning 79 , Big Celebration

Words are less when it comes to our Legend Subhash Ghai. The Talented Director, Amazing Producer, Great Screen Writer, Versatile Lyricist, Superb Music Director and a very nice Actor , yes it is all one person , our very own Subhash Ghai.

Early Life of Subash Ghai

Born on 24th January 1945 in Nagpur. Subhash Ghai belonged to a very educated family where his father was a dentist and he he himself was always inculcated to take complete education. He Graduated in commerce from Rohtak and then shifted to Pune for his graduation in Cinema from The Film and Television Institute of India in Pune City.




After graduating from FTII, he shifted to Mumbai but he was not allowed to enter any studios as he was an unknown person. He then read self help books and used those techniques to help him enter the Film Industry. Simultaneously he entered the United Producers Filmfare talent contest, out of 5000 people, only three people got selected which were Rajesh Khanna, Dheeraj Kumar and Subash Ghai himself. He got a role after a year of selection whereas Rajesh Khanna got a role immediately.

Entering Into the Film Industry

Ghai started into films as an actor doing small roles in movies like Taqdeer, Aradhana,  and was a male lead in Umang and Gumraah.

He started directing in 1976 with the first movie Kalicharan which he had got from reccomendation of Shatrughan Sinha which became a massive hit. From there he was invincible and gave hit after hit as a director.

Movies like Vidhaata of Dilip Kumar, Karma, Saudagar in the 1980s and 90s became a big hit. Shubhash Ghai Helped Jakie Shrof start his career with the movie “Hero” and also helped Anil Kapoor to rise his career in Meri Jung.

Subhash Ghai has only won one Filmfare Award as the Best Director for Saudagar.

Film Career of Subash Ghai

The Veteran not only Acter and directed but also did screenplay for many movies and for one such movie named Pardes, he also received the Best Screenplay Award . He has directed more than 20 plus movies and also produced around 35 plus movies. He is known to keep one scene of his in every movie he directs or produces. He is also a writer and has Written, Directed and Produced many movies like Kalicharan, Vishwanath, Karz, Hero, Vidhata, Karma, Ram Lakhan, Trimurti, Pardes, Taal , Yaadien, Ek aur Ek Gyarah, Iqbal, 36 Farm House and Many More.

After his Film Career started, he got married to a girl from Pune and named her Mukta in 1970. They have two daughters named Meghna Ghai Puri and Muskaan Ghai. Meghna Ghai isalso the President of Whistling Woods International Institute.

Friendship with Jakie Shrof and Anil Kapoor

The trio of Subash Ghai, Anil Kapoor and Jakie Shrof is known to be having a great friendship bond and has worked together in many movies like Karma, Ram Lakhan and Trimurti. Subahs Ghai in an Interview as well alos spoke about the two actors that they all kind of built the career with each other and shared that Actor Anil Kapoor is very self introspecting that he keeps checking for improvement in his acting even till today and Jakie Shrof is more like, i have done it , now Subhash Ghai, please handle it.

Subhash Ghai also shared that Anil Kapoor is the most warm and welcoming personality he has ever worked with, weather it is Subash Ghai, or Anil Kapoor’s brother or Ghai’s brother, Ani Kapoor is known to be the best host.

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