What Does “Khula” Means and Why did Sania Mirza opted for “Khula”!

Tennis Player Sania Mirza have opted for Khula before her husband Shoaib Malik went ahead and married Pakistani Actress Sana Javed.

The rumours of  Sania Mirza and Shoaid Mallik being separated at the end was confirmed to be true as the cricketer’s remarrying News broke on Social Media on Saturday. Shoaid Malik  shared photos of his marriage with the new wife Sana Javed on his Instagram confirming his third marriage.

The grapevine for Shaoid Malik and Sania Mirza getting separated were floating from several months, but both of them kept their lips sealed. On Saturday, Sania’s father confirmed that Sania Mirza has opted for Khula before the actress got married to the Pakistani cricketer.

Difference Between Khula and Talaq?

The Right of a Muslim Woman to unilaterally divorce her husband is called Khula. It is a right granted to Islamic womens to seek divorce which leads to termination of their marriage. It is also noted that after the couple’s separation, the husband is responsible for the child’s education and financial support for the child’s wellbeing. In Khula, the children generally resides in the mother’s home till they reach the age of “Hizanat” which is 7 years for a son and for a daughter it is the age of puberty.

Whereas Talaq in Muslim tradition means when a man asks for a divorce in a marriage.

Where did it all started?

Sania and Shoaib met in Hyderabad in April 2010, where they use to live in Dubai. Sania Mirza never spoke about the matter but her social media spoke a lot about the same.

A week before Shoaib’s Marriage, she wrote on her Instagram A/c that “when something disturbs the peach of your heart, let it go”. This was posted with her picture ,eyes closed standing in front of the mirror.

She also posted another story stating, Marriage is Hard, Divorce is Hard, choose your hard. Obesity is Hand, Being Fit is Hard. Choose your Hard.

Her Social Media clearly stated that she was very upset and devastated with whatever was happening in her marriage and despite being loyal, and putting it so many efforts, it didn’t turn out the way she imagined how her marriage will be.

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