The Largest Film City in the world – Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

The World’s Largest Film City is in the country of great Tradition and Culture. It is situated in the City Nizams, Hyderabad City in India. The Film City is spread across 1666 acres of land it has been certified by Guinness World Records to be the Largest Studio Complex in the world. It is built by Ramoji Rao, a Telugu film Producer in 1996. It is also known to be a popular recreation center and a tourism spot with the artificial attraction of a small amusement park where millions and millions of tourists visit every day.


Development of the Ramoji Film City Hyderabad

As we know it is the brainchild of the famous producer Ramoji Rao, who wanted to build a film studio very similar to Hollywood. After procuring the land, he happened to sign the Art director Nitish Roy to design the whole complex. According to the sources, this land was kept by the builders; it was full of Jungles and mountain terrains. The studio is known to have a central Kitchen for the various film units shooting together at any given point in time. The Film City has 47 sound stages and few permanent sets like the Railway station and the various temple replicas and 2 hotels too. It is known for not cutting a single tree till now and in fact, Nitish Roy planted more instead, that is why the Tramp goes up and down during the Visit.

ramoji film city awards

Awards and Achievements

Over 2500 plus title films have been shot at Ramoji with blockbuster films like Krish 3, Dilwale, Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, Chandramukhi, Kaminey, The Dirty Picture e.t.c with some of the Hollywood production movies too like Quickstand, Crocodile II and Beeper and many Telugu and Tamil films like Spyder, Vivegram, Bhabhubali I & II.  Apart from the Guinness World Records, The film city has won many other awards like The Golden Pony Award for Excellence and Innovation in 2007, Department of Tourism award for excellence in 2013, 9 FSSAI the reward for Hygiene ratings in 2018.

The Ramoji Film City Tour

The Ramoji Film City Tour

Well, Yes my friends this Film City is open for the tourist to see at a price. But it is not as expensive as other Amusement parks and even the food here is nominally priced. You will find almost all the food outlets serving similar types of food except the Fancy Restaurant. The Film City keeps reusing the sets but has preserved a few sets for the tourists to visit and one of them is your very own Bhahubali set. One can take two types of the tour there, one is the day pass and another is the Ramoji Film City Night Pass where you can also stay at one of the hotels inside the City. It is known to have two hotels, one is the Tara Comfort Hotel and another is the Sitara Luxury Hotel. This place is also known for giving venues for any engagement or a wedding party or some conferences too. The Day pass is also of two types, one is with food and another without food. So what are you waiting for, Grab one and treat yourself with the Grand Film City Tour?

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