Top 5 Headlines Today the 15th of May 2020

Good Morning Everyone, Well for us to grow in life, we always want to be ahead of everyone and in today’s world, it is always important to know what is going on in and around the world. And yes my friends reading the newspaper is too boring and downloading apps is again eating our phone’s memory so here are the Top 5 headlines of today:

  1. India’s Corona Case count goes from 60k to 80k in just 5 days:

The biggest surge to fight COVID-19 in India is going on but our Capital New Delhi faced the increase of 472 cases in a day and India’s total corona cases reach 80,000 plus and today is the fifth consecutive day where daily cases are 3500 plus with Maharashtra having the increase of 1602 cases, Rajasthan with the increase of 206, Madhya Pradesh-314 cases and Kerala with 26 New cases. This is the biggest sweep since the Month of March. As of today, the total count of Corona Cases is 81,970 with 27920 recovered and 2649 total deaths till now were 134 deaths added only yesterday.

  1. Indian Railways canceled all the Passengers train till 30th June:

With the day to day travel, there were rumors that in Lockdown 4.0 the Indian Railways passenger trains are expected to start but Indian Railway Ministry has just announced that all the passenger trains till June 30th are canceled and they will be a full refund for them. Sources say that only the Shamrik Special Trains for the people to go home will be working and no other train.

  1. Over 1,00,000 Foreign Nationals flown from India back to their Country:

A Civil Aviation Officer revealed that from March 6th there are over 388 Special Flights flown with carrying 250 passengers per flight on an average to different countries. So the Foreigners staying in India have also back to their country safely. Most of the Flights took off from Delhi to Canada, Us, Paris, UK, Australia, Frankfurt, and Singapore. These Flights will also work from May-17 to 28 as part of the Vande Bharat Mission – II to fly back Foreigners stuck in India.

  1. Australian Princess Maria Petronova Galitzine dies at the age of 31:

Maria Petronova Galitzine, who was the princess of Australia was suffering from a Sudden cardiac aneurysm in Houston. She was the descendant of Emperor Karl 1 and Zita de Borbon-Parma was married to an Indian-Origin Chef name Rishi Roop Singh. She was born at Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and use to live in Houston with her husband and 2-year-old son. She Married Chef Rishi Singh in 2017 and their son was born a year after that. She expired 6 days before her 32nd Birthday. May her soul rest in peace.

  1. Hasan Ali, Pakistan Pacer might require back Injury:

Hasan Ali is suffering from a back injury that might require surgery abroad which means he will be away from his work for a long time to fully recover. He developed the back problem in Late April and the Pakistan Cricket Board has sent his medical reports to doctors in Australia and other countries for advice. They said that for his recovery, they are ready to send Ali to any country.

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