Things To Know Before Buying A Medical Insurance Plan In India 

With the advancement of medical science, the treatment for several life-threatening diseases has evolved as well. However, the cost of these procedures is significant enough that only a handful of people can afford it. In this scenario, it has become imperative to avail of a medical insurance plan. It aids in providing necessary financial protection against such medical exigencies.

In some cases, a traditional health insurance policy may not be sufficient, and one may need to avail a health card. Individuals should possess a basic idea of how to download health cards to reap all the benefits of this special card. Nevertheless, here is more about purchasing medical insurance first. 

Things to consider before applying for a health insurance policy 

Health emergencies can occur at any time, leading to financial and emotional turmoil. To tackle the exorbitant expenses, medical insurance has become a necessity. 

However, several insurance companies are present in the market today, and choosing the best option is challenging. Here is a comprehensive list of vital aspects that you should consider while choosing an insurer.  

  • Requirement 

Before applying for a medical insurance policy, it is essential to gauge your specific requirements. In this regard, you need to consider your own age and your family members’ age, insurance amount, budget, etc. Since you need to pay a premium on the sum insured, ensure that this amount is within your means. 

  • Premium and coverage 

It is advised to look for the insurers that offer affordable premiums as you need to pay them every year of coverage without fail. Along with that, ask your preferred insurer about the coverage so that you can benefit considerably when filing a claim is necessary. 

If you want to avoid such insurance claims, you can check how to download a health card to bypass the entire claim filing process altogether. 

  • Waiting period

Most insurance companies enforce a waiting period clause after approving the insurance policy. It can be 15 days or more (several years for pre-existing diseases) from the day of the approval of the policy. During this period, the insured individual is not entitled to file a claim.

  • Claim procedure 

It is more prudent to opt for an insurer that offers a hassle-free claim process. To verify this aspect, you can check an insurer’s track record to assess how prompt it is with all claim process and reimbursement of the insured amount. 

  • Additional benefits and exclusions 

It is of utmost importance to learn about the exclusions and limitations of a medical insurance policy before opting for one. For instance, not all policies come with pre and post-hospitalization coverage.

Figure out how to download a health card since such a card often covers what many health insurance plans term as exclusions. 

Reasons to own a health EMI card

A health insurance policy comes with several terms and conditions, and that may not cover all the costly medical facilities. At such a juncture, opting for a Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card can take over, assisting you to convert your medical liabilities into no-cost EMIs. 

Some benefits of this health card include the following –  

  • Instant approval 

This EMI health card is activated as soon as it is approved. Since there is no waiting involved, it can prove to be highly beneficial during medical emergencies. Moreover, this being a digital card, a cardholder does not need to wait for the physical card to arrive at his/her mailing address. 

However, users must know how to download health card online so that they can draw maximum benefits when the need arises. Further, its usefulness for 800+ treatments only makes the card an essential emergency medical funding tool.

  • High pre-approved limit

Availing this card, you can receive a pre-approved credit limit of up to Rs.4 lakh that is sufficient to bear the expenses of costly treatments. While opting for this health card online, individuals can check their pre-approved offers, which clearly mentions the spending limit assigned to their particular card. 

Such financing can be repaid over a tenure of up to 24 months via easy EMIs

  • Pan India coverage 

Another excellent benefit of owning this health card is you can use it anywhere in India, regardless of your city of residence. Even if you shift to another city within the country, your card benefits will remain unchanged as it can be used as over 5,500 partner medical facilities across 1,000 plus cities in India. However, in such cases, you have to check the nearby network medical facilities where you can utilize this card. 

  • Minimal joining fees 

Another major benefit of owning such a health card is that users only need to pay a one-time joining fee. The fee amount is nominal as well, ensuring affordability to a maximum number of individuals. 

Hence, you can apply for the health card without much hassle and stay financially stable during a medical emergency. Moreover, along with that, you should also opt for a medical insurance policy for yourself and your family that will save you from paying hefty medical bills. 

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