Top 10 Best Countries to Settle Down For Indian

Moving to a different country can be an exciting, life-changing decision. But it is not a straight forward affair, and it takes a lot of evaluation, thought, and a concrete plan of action to make the big call. There are various factors that paly role.  Here, are top 10 countries where you can easily settle down and enjoy your life.

Here is a list of Top 10 Best Countries to Settle Down for Indian


Canada is one of the best countries to settle down for Indian. As many Indians prefer to settle down in Canada. As we know it’s one of the safest country to live in and best country to settle for Indians. It is worth for an Indian to settle down in Canada, it is a good place to settle down for Indians. It has a socialist-learning welfare policy for its citizens and have a fair immigrant polices as compared to other countries. The friendly nation  stunning landscape and good education system.  Canada is a place for young immigrants from India.

New Zealand

New Zealanders believe to live happily and explore more and more. If you are looking to escape from big city than New Zealand is the best country to settle down for Indians. New Zealand is what you need the natural beauty are unveiled. New Zealand is the country what you need to settle down. New Zealand is one of the safest, cleanest and peaceful country to settle down.  New Zealand is one of the favorite place to settle down from India.


Singapore is one of those few countries which embrace migrates to settle down. Singapore has a lot of work opportunities and has a good infrastructure. People from India love to settle down there. Education system is world-class over there. Desi migrants are settling down there from India.


Australia’s chilled-out lifestyle, good weather and excellent quality life everyone wants to experience and settle down from India. Top reasons to settle down in Australia are the beaches. Australia’s education system is leading provider for high quality education. Australia is one of the best country to settle down from India.


Ranking high on world’s happiness index, Denmark is a good option to settle down from India. It’s is a small country, there are many polices for students and the people living there. Denmark is an expensive country; its living of standard is the highest in the world.


Spain is a cheaper country as compared to other countries; weather is also pleasant there for the most part of the year. People are nice and friendly there and there are many opportunities for everyone. In Spain there are many Indians who settle there from India. According to the survey it’s the first country for mental wellbeing and physical. Spain is the place to go if you’re looking to spend your golden years in the sun. Spain is the home of 17 religion and they have their own personalities. So one can deffinately settle down there.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the leading financial center of Asia and with top sources of opportunities. Immigration is also not that difficult one can easily settle down from India. There are various benefits that one can get if they settled there and enjoy various rights.  Hong Kong life doesn’t come  cheap.


Norway ranked number one in standard of living, education and life expectancy, 13 times in a row. It is essay to settle down in Norway and Norway is an easy place to move around because the language is not that hard and you can easily settle down there.


In Ireland crimes are less and you can enjoy your and explore more. You can easily settle down there. It has the incredible outdoorsy lifestyle and people are also good and are very helpful. There are many opportunities one can get.


With traditional spicy food and warm culture just like India, there you won’t miss home much. Mexico city are able to enjoy a high quality of life and live safely within the city boundaries.

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