Top 10 World’s Best Android Games of 2020: Explore the Games in Your Own Way

No matter if someone loves hard core gaming or casual games, there is an android game for everyone. Whether it’s jump games, arcade games, puzzle games or snake games, there are a number of android games on Play Store that you may choose from. However, finding the best game out of all the new releases and old android games is not only difficult but also a waste of effort. Thus, to save your time and help you play the best, we have handpicked a list of android games that are super fun, adventurous and very exciting.

Top 10 Best Android Games Of 2020

Here are the top 10 android games of 2020 that are trending this year and really worth your time and attention. These amazing android games are available on the Play Store and can be downloaded for free for your android devices. The android game list covers all the main categories like jump games, snake games, racing, RPG, puzzle etc; giving you a cream of the crop. So, take a look.

1.   The Jumpers- Mega Jump Game
1. The Jumpers- Mega Jump Game

Price- Free

Developer- Innovana Games

Dash, jump and dodge! The Jumper is a well-designed game that is simple yet addictive. It is easy to learn and difficult to master. To play this jump game, you need to jump as high as you can and dodge all the obstacles that come in your way. The game has various challenging levels to play where you will find deadly obstacles, treasure hunt and various chances to collect coins and score higher.

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2.   Penguin Isle

Penguin Isle

Price- Free

Developer- Habby

Penguin Isle is a unique and interesting android game to play casually. This game is all about creating a habitat for a variety of Penguins. The main purpose of the game is just to enjoy cute animations, crank up the volume and relax with the soothing music. So, if you want to relax from the busy schedule and play an android game that is relaxing and exciting, then Penguin Isle is the perfect choice to download and play.

3.   Crashlands

crash land

Price- $6.99

Developer- Butterscotch Shenanigans

Craft, Battle and Explore, this is what Crashland is all about. One of the best android games of 2020, Crashlands takes you on an adventurous mission to build a base, defeat enemies and escape from the dangerous planet, Woanope. The game has infinite inventory, RPG style character progression, skill based combat and various ancient secrets to uncover. Here, you may create beautiful intuitive bases in minutes and tame creatures for your mission. If you are tired of using mobile phone touchscreens, you may also play this game with joysticks.

4.   The Room: Old Sins

he Room: Old Sins

Price- $4.99

Developer- Fireproof Games

If you love thrillers and adventure, then you will surely fall in love with The Room. With devious dolls house of puzzles, obscure clues and bizarre contraptions, you will enter into the world of mysteries of Waldgrave Manor. This brainstorming game offers a tactile experience that makes you feel the surface of each object in the game. Interesting, isn’t it? Moreover, you may share your progress between multiple devices and unlock achievements with cloud save support.

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5.   Mario Cart Tour

mario Cart Tour

Price: free

Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Mario Cart Tour is one of the most popular android games that keeps you engaged to your mobile phones. In the new Mario Kart race, you will join Mario and friends to race around various courses that are inspired by the real world places. You may place this game with just one finger and can steer, drift and sling with great ease. To reach at first place in the race, you would require power and for this you have to enable Frenzy mode. Here, you may collect drivers, karts, badges and gliders to raise your score.

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6.   Sky: Children of the Light

6. Sky: Children of the Light

Price: free

Developer: thatgamecompany inc

The game welcomes you to the enchanting animated kingdom, Sky. Play to explore this beautiful place and spread hope as Children of Light. Here, you can explore 7 dreamlike realms and uncover the complex mystery. You may customize your character and express yourself in the game the way you want. With unique music and beautiful graphics, you will love exploring the landscapes and beautiful environment of this magical world.

google play now logo - android logo7.   Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes

Price: free

Developer: Line games

This action RPG style game is an amazing choice for hardcore gamers. The game has a decent storyline where you need to search for the missing Sword of the emperor called Exestruk. Here, you will face evil forces, explore lost ruins, hunt for lost treasures and ride to the mystical fantasy on the ancient Airship. Also, you may take help of the Guardian Stone system to break the enemy and win the game. So, get ready for thrilling skill actions and experience the turn based game with stunning graphics.google play now logo - android logo

8.   Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Price: free

Developer: Supercel

Clash Royale is a super fun android game with real time multiplayer starring as Royales. The game is based on the characters and minions of Clash of Clans offering an amazing arena battle. The gameplay is simple. Knock down the enemy King and princess from their towers to win the trophies. You may also earn chests to unlock rewards and collect powerful new cards or upgrade the existing ones. Inn this dual player game, you will be in a head to head battle where you will have to compete with another real time player to take the trophy. So, tighten your belt and get ready to defeat the enemies.

9.   Minecraft


Price: $6.99

Developer: Mojang

One of the simplest yet interesting games you may play on your android device. Build your home, defend it and explore resources. In the world of Minecraft, you may explore infinite resources to survive and craft weapons and armor. The gameplay is very creative and interesting and you may never get bored of playing it with your friends on Realms and Multiplayer mode. Also, you may customize your experience with free Add-ons and create new resource packs.

10. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey

Price: free

Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc

Alto’s odyssey is the sequel of the adventurous android game, Alto’s adventure. The game delivers all the great elements that are needed to make you stick you to your phone. Entrancing music, awesome graphics, original lush levels, thrilling gameplay, challenging levels and many such amazing features can be found in this last entry of best android game of 2020. The gameplay is simple, like Alto’s Adventure, this game is also an endless runner game where Alto has to explore desert dunes, rock canyons and many adventurous places. The interesting feature of the game is its zen mode and photo mode that enhance your gaming experience and make you addicted to this game.google play now logo - android logo

So, get your game mode on and play the super fun and most adventurous android games of 2020. Also, share your comments and let us know which android game did you like the most and which comes last in your favourite game list. Enjoy gaming!

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