Advantages of Packing Light and Washing Clothes During Travel

We all want to travel for leisure, but even business travels could make us feel excited. When we travel, we are introduced to new cultures, enjoy beautiful sceneries, and have the chance to dress up for the gram. Do you bring your extended wardrobe for outfit of the day purposes? Are you still enjoying your bulky luggage?


How you pack your clothes and wash them during travel has to be addressed. It doesn’t matter where you are going or how many days you will stay, and you should know that traveling lightly and washing clothes during travel have advantages.

No Additional Fees

If you decide to wash your clothes during travel, you only need to pack the clothes you would wear and the essential you need. Without a doubt, you have to pack light. Packing light would save you from baggage fees. Moreover, you do not have to wait for long at the baggage carousel.


You might lose your baggage and have left with nothing at your destination. Frequent travelers commonly experience it. Although there’s a slight chance that you could have it back after a few days or weeks– or worse, never.


Moreover, we cannot guarantee that every travel destination is safe. Additional baggage could be an easy target for those who prey on tourists. Whether they are after your wallet or bag, you have become an apple of their eyes. 


But, if you only bring a few clothes, you do not need to get another luggage. You could easily carry your things around.

Highly Accessible

Bringing one bag will force you to pack your essentials and clothes diligently. You need to sort and store them the way you can easily reach for them when you need them. You do not have to rummage the stuff inside. Also, ensure that you are bringing quality items instead of disposable ones. You should use one item multiple times.


Just like your clothes, you do not have to bring an extended wardrobe. Instead, you can wash your clothes during travel.

How to Wash Clothes During Travel

You do not need to worry about reusing your favorite clothes twice during your travel. No one will notice that you wore it on different days. However, you need to wear clean ones. Ensure that you brought a small-sized laundry detergent with you as you need to wash your clothes during travel.

Hand Wash Bathroom Sink

You can do the laundry by yourself inside your room. Fill the bathroom sink with water and hand wash your clothes.

Hotel Service

If you have an extra budget to hire a laundry service from your hotel, then you may do so. The service rate may be more expensive than dropping off your clothes to the nearest laundromat. 

Laundry Service 

You can drop off your dirty laundry before going to your planned destinations and pick them up before returning to your hotel or rented place.

Final Thoughts

You do not need to bring several outfits for your travel. Pack light and wash your clothes during the trip. It is more convenient and safe. More so, it will help you save money.

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