Tried and tested tips on emergency denture repairing at home

There can be lots of reasons for a denture to break. Perhaps your dentures could not tackle your bite into a whole apple or a raw vegetable. Or maybe the dentures just slipped out of your hands into the sink. Dentures even become weak and fragile over the years. To cut a long story short, dentures are prone to break. If your dentures break, obviously you will want to fix your broken dentures.  

Here are few tried and tested tips to fix your broken dentures. However a trained professional, dealing in denture repair in London over the years, points out that emergency repairs of dentures are usually temporary fixes. If you want to fix your broken dentures permanently, the best way is to get in touch with your prosthodontist as soon as it is possible.

Fixing your broken dentures at home

Working on broken dentures is not an easy job. In fact the task can be quite distressing. But while you sit at home fixing your broken denture you should remind yourself one thing. There are several hundreds and thousands of toothless people in the UK. The overwhelming majority of these people are on dentures. Thus under no circumstance you are the only soul busy fixing broken your dentures. There are hundreds and thousands of people all over the country who have to take on the task of fixing their broken dentures at home from time to time. 

Here are few tips to fix your broken dentures in a pinch.

Make sure that the denture can be fixed temporarily

First and foremost you must be sure that your denture can be repaired temporarily. Whether a broken denture can be fixed at home actually depends on how the prosthodontist appliance has broken. It could be such that –

  • A tooth of the appliance has cracked or fallen out
  • A piece of the pink acrylic has fallen off
  • The denture itself has been broken in half

As far as the first two issues are concerned you can be rest assured that your dentures can be repaired temporarily. But if it is the issue number three then you are not very lucky. When a denture breaks into two pieces or halves, then chances are as good as zero for you to fix it at home. It is relevant to mention that only a skilled prosthodontist with access to the resources of a dental lab can only fix the kind of damage we are talking here.

Let your dentist’s office know about the damage before you move ahead with repairing

Whether you can temporarily fix your broken denture or not is secondary. The primary object in this matter is to call your dentist’s office and explain them the overall situation regarding your broken denture. Let them know what portion of the denture has been damaged or broken. Finally you have to ask them schedule an appointment with the dentist at the earliest available slot. This is because an emergency repair of dentures is nothing but a temporary fix or a stopgap solution. 

Stop wearing the broken dentures

Stop wearing the broken denture. Even though your broken dentures can still fit and stay into your mouth yet you should not try wearing those. Why? Damaged dentures are prone to cause cuts, sores and gum infection. Those may also bring out other complications related to your oral health. When you keep wearing your already damaged dentures they may get damaged even further. Rather you should collect the broken pieces of your denture and keep those safely. Do not forget to carry those pieces on your next appointment with the dentist or prosthodontist.

A denture repair kit is helpful

After scheduling your appointment with your dentist or prosthodontist you should consider buying a denture repair kit. You can get the object easily online. Otherwise your neighbourhood pharmacist will have it. What does this kit include? It contains a tiny bottle of any bonding substance like acrylic resin.  

Move carefully with your temporary denture repairing mission

It is important to read carefully and follow all the instructions given in your denture repair kit. If you ignore reading all the instructions or if you do not follow those instructions you may end up damaging your denture even more. Although the specific instructions may vary by manufacturers but usually you will find the following instructions included in any denture repair kit.

  • Make sure your workplace is well-lit and absolutely dry and clean.
  • Do not touch the bonding material in the kit with bare hands. If you will mix the adhesive yourself then this clause must be followed with utmost care and commitment.
  • You use only a tiny amount of resin. It is okay to scrap away the excesses. Just make sure to take enough of the material so that the repaired denture fits in your mouth properly.
  • Throughout the process of denture repairing you must make sure the pieces are properly aligned.
  • You wear the repaired denture only after it becomes completely dry.

Make sure to use only the bonding material that came with the repair kit to repair your denture. No other glue, adhesive or bonding agent should be used in the repairing process. This is something crucial to remember. The quick-dry variety of glue is not waterproof. Moreover it is obviously not safe to use any kind of toxic ingredient that they use in the industry to manufacture glues. Ultimately you will wear your denture in your mouth and thus the toxic ingredient, if any, will easily enter into your body.

A denture repair kit is not a permanent solution by any means. In fact it is not even a long-term solution. Only a prosthodontist can provide a permanent solution to broken or damaged dentures. You must not forget these basic facts under any circumstance. 

Even the best quality dentures become weak and fragile with time. Experts working at the Emergency Dentist London Pro suggest you must take proper care of your dentures. The better care you take of your dentures the longer they last. In order to maintain your dentures you do not have to invest a lot of time and effort. Brush and rinse your dentures thoroughly at routine intervals. You should also soak those appliances overnight. These are some of the most effective ways to clean your dentures. Whenever you are brushing your dentures clean, make sure you have a sink full of water. Even if the dentures slip hands into the sink they will have a softer impact and thus will be less likely to break.

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