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10 Facts to Know about the Ram Mandir

After 500 years of determined hard work, finally the dream of the devotees of Sanatan Dharam has come to reality with the foundation of Lord Rama’s Idol at Ram Mandir in Ayodhaya on 22nd January 2024. This auspicious day is as important as a Diwali festival and will be written in the History to be celebrated.

10 Lesser known Facts about the Ram Mandir

  1. The Mandir has a length of 380 Feet and width of 250 feet and the height of 161 feet.
  2. The Mandir is 3 storied and each floor is 20 feet tall and it has total 392 pillars and 44 doors.
  3. The Main Ram Darbar on the 1st floor has the childhood form of Shri Ram Idol called as the Ram Lalla made out of rare Black Shaligram stone found in Nepal.
  4. The Mandir has 5 mandap halls names Nritya Mandap, Sabha Mandap, Rang Mandap, Kirtan Mandap and Prarthana Mandap.
  5. The Entry of the Mandir is from the east.
  6. There is a provision made for ramps and lifts for the elderly and the differently abled people.
  7. Four Corners of the Mandir Compound is dedicated to four god named Surya Dev, Devi Bhagwati, Ganesh Bhagwan and Lord Shiva.
  8. No Iron or Steel has been used to build the Mandir.
  9. The Approximate shelf life of the construction is estimated to be 1000 years.
  10. At the Southwestern part of the Mandir Complex at Kuber Tila the ancient Mandir of Bhagwan Shiv has been restored along with the installation of Jatayu. 

    The Building of the Ram Mandir in 2024 is the light to the dedication and the hard work the Sanatan Dharam devotees had and the people behind fighting the case which led to victory is commendable.

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